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Crude Oil “Mini Sessions” with the New Trend Jumper Pro Plus

Crude Oil trading needs to be controlled.  One way of doing that is with the idea of trading different ‘mini sessions’ throughout the entire session.  The Trend Jumper Pro Plus has been infused with a whole new set of power tools which plug right into the calc for both Tradestation and Ninja Trader.  We can […]

Futures Profits Continue to Pour IN!! Finished the Week Very Strong!!

Our Futures trading continues to hit new record profit levels nearly every day.  While the global markets continued to sell off and doomsday sayers ran for the hills and hunkered down, Trend Jumper traders smiled all the way to the bank, ringing the register, trade after trade across every market we consistently have been trading. […]

Live Futures Dayrading; Watch How I use the Trend Jumper

This is a good video to watch, even if you are not a futures daytrader.  It is a great look at how the Trend Jumper works and how it dynamically tunes itself to real live market conditions.  We still have to be traders too.  In this video, I think out loud every step of the […]

Futures Daytrades Continues to Win a High Percentage of its Sessions Across Multiple Markets

As we trade our way to the end of the Dawg Days of August, we can be extremely encouraged by how well the Trend Jumper has self-adjusted to the summer market conditions.  In short, the results have been steady and consistent winners on a session to session AND week to week basis across just about […]

Watch TJ Trade Crude Oil LIVE with the Trend Jumper Today

Trading Crude Oil LIVE with TJ and the Trend Jumper Watch me trade the Trend Jumper LIVE in Crude Oil and Heating Oil.  I normally wouldn’t recommend trading both together unless you are very experienced with those markets and the Trend Jumper.  You’ll see I actually missed the winning HO trade due to having to […]

Live Trading Crude and Heating Oil with TJ and the Trend Jumper

Crude Oil Futures end today 2 for 2 for + .68, $680 Heating Oil Futures end today 1 for 1 for + .0074, $310 See the new PTU Automation handle additional trades, as well In this video, get inside my brain and hear me think out loud as I manually trade live, Crude Oil & […]