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DAX is Flying High; Record Profits

Dax Futures and the Trend Jumper seems to have been made for each other.  The tradeplan hit new equity highs these past two sessions again.  This is one of our longest running tradeplans and it continues to prove how effective the Trend Jumper can be with markets that move.  Of course the DAX futures aren’t […]

DAX Futures and some Great Questions I Received

DAX Futures hit record profit levels a few times this week, including today, Thursday Feb 6th. Equity Curve of DAX Futures 233 tick tradeplan since November 5th, 2012. Check out today’s DAX trades below. As you can imagine, I get a lot of questions each and every day.  I wish I can answer each one […]

Futures Profits Continue to Pour IN!! Finished the Week Very Strong!!

Our Futures trading continues to hit new record profit levels nearly every day.  While the global markets continued to sell off and doomsday sayers ran for the hills and hunkered down, Trend Jumper traders smiled all the way to the bank, ringing the register, trade after trade across every market we consistently have been trading. […]

DAX Futures Continue to Race to Record Trend Jumper Profits; 15 Consecutive Winning Sessions

If you live in Europe, Australia, Asia or if you’re just a night owl here in the US, you might want to consider making a living trading DAX futures.  Trend Jumper has put together a pretty impressive track record, dating all the way back to November of 2012.  It just keeps doing great things, constantly […]

Forex and Futures Gain BIG on Fed Day

Trend Jumper had us out in front of all the moves yesterday and hours before the feds announced their intentions we were already finished trading with significant profits in hand.  I love December trading and this year is shaping up to be just like last year, as far as our Trend Jumper trading goes.  We’re […]

+ 33.5 points Today in DAX Futures; Makes me Want to Move to Paris

The Dax, made new record profit levels again today with the Trend Jumper.  If the taxes weren’t so high, I’d be having the ‘move to Paris’ conversation with my wife.  Of course, there are plenty of other great places in Europe to consider.  And with the DAX trading as great as it does with Trend […]

Futures Post Another Successful Daytrading Session with the Trend Jumper

There are numerous winning markets to report with our Trend Jumper futures daytrading today but one market was so outstanding I thought I would feature it here. The DAX Futures!!  One and done for an astounding + 198.5 points.  At €25 per point, today’s session produced €4,962, which is approximately $6,451. This trade began as […]

DAX is Winning Big for our European Trend Jumper Traders

The DAX finished with another strong week with the basic Trend Jumper strategy and made all new record profit levels again. Monday; + 20.5 points (two trades, two winners) Tuesday; + 8.5 points (one and done) Wednesday; + 17 points ( two trades, one loss and one win) Thursday; + 18.5 points (two trades, two winners) […]

DAX Futures Keeps Winning; New Record Profit Levels on FOMC Day

It seems like no matter what happens in the world, Cypress this, something else that, DAX futures keep winnng with the Trend Jumper.  In the last two days alone, our tradeplan, the very same one that is published and available to Trend Jumper Members right on the Owner’s Club, gained +40.5 points on just two […]