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Forex and the Trend Jumper; The CADJPY is a HOT Forex Pair — for DAYTRADING!!

You probably have gathered by now that we are not big on daytrading forex.  We’ve held numerous educational webinars about this topic recently and have cited numerous reasons why swingtrading forex is so much preferred over daytrading forex.  I’m not going to get into those reasons here other than to say Trend Jumper is making […]

Dow eMini Wins 13 Sessions Straight!! Lots of Winners to Welcome our Newest Trend Jumper Members Today

Trend Jumper gave us a tour de force welcome to our newest members today, pretty much hitting on all cylinders, winning in most of our favorite daytrade markets. The Dow eMini (ym), many new traders market of choice, continued along its winning ways giving us another very easy one and done session, grabbing +34 points […]

All NEW Record Profit Levels Reached Again Today on Numerous Futures Markets with Trend Jumper!!

Record profit Levels Abound Today Across many of our favorite daytrade markets. You have already seen how we’re hitting the ball outta the park with our Forex Swingtrading.  Daytrading has been nothing short of spectacular too as can easily be observed by the constand breakouts to NEW profit levels on a steady, ongoing basis. Trading […]

Over +1000 Ticks of Profit with Heating Oil Futures over the Past 7 Sessions with Trend Jumper

In this video, I walk through in great detail, how with very limited trading, the Trend Jumper was able to grab over +1000 ticks in profit using our very tight and concise tradeplan with Heating Oil Futures; exact entries, targets and stops coupled with smart, easy rules to follow.  At $4.20 per tick, the last […]

Futures Trading; Trend Jumper Runs the Table Posting More Winners on FOMC Day

Prior to our Undergrad Training in our Premier Trader University today, I had the opportunity to trade a few markets with Trend Jumper.  Here is a recording of my trades in Crude Oil, Heating Oil, Unleaded Gas and the Dow eMini.

Live Trade Example During Slow Holiday Trading; Trend Jumper Didn’t Care

The markets have no concept of time.  We as humans can see how slow or busy a market is but a trade method like Trend Jumper only cares about identifying immediate support and resistance areas from which to jump off of.  Watch me trade Crude Oil Live during the holiday market.  Trend Jumper worked in […]

Crude Oil Win Streak Continues with Trend Jumper; +.33 Today with Two Trades

Crude Oil Futures are still batting 1.000 since October 1st.  For some reason, I didn’t wake up on the right side of the bed this morning.  You know how that can feel sometimes.  Maybe it’s because of daylight savings.  I stubbed my toe on a chair commuting to my office and then spilled my first […]

Watch Trend Jumper Trade a Live Crude Oil Futures Trade this Morning

Watch me trade the Trend Jumper live, while talking through the strategy.  The daily goals for Crude Oil Futures were achieved again, with two winners and a positive result.  I missed the 2nd trade and instead took what would have been an addon trade for a nice $535 profit.  Watch what I do and learn how I use […]