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New Trend Jumper Approach for Monday’s Bootcamp; See the Demo

In this video, I wanted to demonstrate a live trade using a new advanced Trend Jumper approach using the Trend Jumper Pro Calculator.  I’ll be teaching this tradeplan and strategy during this week’s Advanced Trend Jumper Bootcamp.  

Futures Post Another Successful Daytrading Session with the Trend Jumper

There are numerous winning markets to report with our Trend Jumper futures daytrading today but one market was so outstanding I thought I would feature it here. The DAX Futures!!  One and done for an astounding + 198.5 points.  At €25 per point, today’s session produced €4,962, which is approximately $6,451. This trade began as […]

New, Free Futures Trend Jumper Strategy, the Dow eMini (YM), One and Done Today..

Many of you are just beginning to get your FREE Trend Jumper up and running.  Hopefully you were able to catch today’s winner that occurred right out the gate this morning.  It ended with + 32 points using the three position approach. Single Position Traders; + 13 points Two Position Traders; + 31 points Three […]

Another Stellar Day with Large Futures Profits for Trend Jumper

We had huge profits again today with our futures trading across the board with Trend Jumper, on the day before our big public release of the strategy.  Actually, by the time you see this, it is the day of our release webinar but these results actually happened during the Wed 2/27 session. Make sure you […]

Big Crude Oil Profits to End the Year! Santa Still had More Prizes in his Big Bag of Gifts for us!

What a great way to end the year for those that decided to stay at their trade desks.  As for me, I was definitely NOT at my desk and spend the week out of town enjoying myself with family and friends.  There is a lot to be said about being able to push away from […]

Futures Trading HUGELY Profitable Again Today with Trend Jumper

Today I traded and demoed the Trend Jumper on a number of live markets in front of a large exclusive audience, laying it all on the line in front of the court of public opinion.  The net results were nothing short of excellent.  Winning sessions on everything.  Again!  Of course you’ve seen on this blog […]