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Futures Trading Does it Again; Another Brilliant Start to the Week

Futures trading handed us big profits right away again for the Halloween Week.  It was hard to do anything wrong today.  If you watched my Friday’s Heating Oil futures trades, you saw how sometimes you have to just hunker down and stay with the plan.  A couple losses, a couple winners, a couple near winners, […]

Friday’s Live Crude Oil Futures Trades Teach Us A Lot

Friday ended a very lucrative week again trading Crude Oil futures with the Trend Jumper.  New equity highs were reached again, as we are now a few weeks into our 2nd straight year of trading this very same tradeplan, each and every day.  Today hit we hit our goals with the first two trades of […]

Live Futures Daytrading with the PTU Trend Jumper

Watch how I use the PTU Trend Jumper to daytrade live, Crude oil futures and the Dow eMini futures in a session that requires a full understanding of the strategy as well as complete knowledge of the tradeplan rules.  See how I use a Stop and Reverse maneuver to get out of a losing position […]

Watch a Routine Daytrade Session Trading Soybean Futures on Youtube

This video shows how we daytrade Soybeans Futures using a 5 tick momentum bar.  Also see how the Heating Oil Futures market ended with + 105 ticks today (Monday, Sept 16th).

Brand New EURJPY Forex Daytrade Plan Gains + 142 pips Today

A brand new forex tradeplan was just published on the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club detailing how to daytrade the EURJPY with the Trend Jumper using a 5 minute chart.  I’ve never really been a big advocate of daytrading forex as many of you already know, and in fact, have much preferred to daytrade futures and swingtrade forex.  This tradeplan […]