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YM One and Done Today; Choosing the Right Trend Jumper Trade Setup at the Start of the Session

By design, the Trend Jumper gives us a lot of setups sometimes.  For the uninitiated, or those who have not yet learned how to trade with the Trend Jumper, it can be a challenge trying to figure out what trade setup to take at the start of the session.  This video walks through today’s Dow […]

Three of the Hottest, Most Reliable Daytrade Markets, Win Again Today

What are these super three daytrade markets?  Heating Oil futures, Soybean futures and the Dow eMini futures.  Today, they were all one and done, starting the week exactly how we love it.  One trade, one full target winner, and each keeping a daytrade session winning streak alive.  Moreover, each of these three usually get their […]

Free Dow eMini Strategy Keeps Winning

This week, the free Trend Jumper Dow eMini tradeplan was a perfect 5 for 5, going one and done each day this week.  Today it capped the week off with a handsome +92 point trade, ending with a weekly grand total of + 250 points.  It is up +333 points over the last 6 sessions […]

Free Dow eMini Strategy Keeps Winning; Futures Daytrades Hit New Record Profit Levels Across the Board

The Free Trend Jumper YM futures plan gave us a very attractive start to the week.  In fact, all our futures daytrading ended very strong today with many of our favorite markets hitting new record profit levels again. FREE Trend Jumper Dow eMini (YM) futures gained + 43 points, one and done. Dow eMini futures […]

Trade the Dow eMini to Big Profits Using the FREE PTU Trend Jumper Strategy; See How..

Here’s a short video walking through the Dow eMini trades this past week.  See how Mon through Thursday produced + 260 Dow eMini Points (Correction from video which was in error, stating +344) just by following the tradeplan that comes with the FREE Trend Jumper strategy that YOU can download for yourself. Check it out.   Since this video was […]

Live Futures Daytrading with the PTU Trend Jumper

Watch how I use the PTU Trend Jumper to daytrade live, Crude oil futures and the Dow eMini futures in a session that requires a full understanding of the strategy as well as complete knowledge of the tradeplan rules.  See how I use a Stop and Reverse maneuver to get out of a losing position […]

Futures Trading Continues to Post Steady Winners

Futures trading keeps posting gains for us on most of our favorite markets.  Tuesday’s session was as straight forward as it gets, much like Monday’s session.  Winners on just about everything again. Heating Oil Futures, + 54 ticks Crude Oil Futures, + 32 ticks, $320 Dow eMini, + 25 points Russell eMini, + 1.5 Dax […]

DAX is Winning Big for our European Trend Jumper Traders

The DAX finished with another strong week with the basic Trend Jumper strategy and made all new record profit levels again. Monday; + 20.5 points (two trades, two winners) Tuesday; + 8.5 points (one and done) Wednesday; + 17 points ( two trades, one loss and one win) Thursday; + 18.5 points (two trades, two winners) […]

New, Free Futures Trend Jumper Strategy, the Dow eMini (YM), One and Done Today..

Many of you are just beginning to get your FREE Trend Jumper up and running.  Hopefully you were able to catch today’s winner that occurred right out the gate this morning.  It ended with + 32 points using the three position approach. Single Position Traders; + 13 points Two Position Traders; + 31 points Three […]

Dow eMini on a Wickedly Wonderful Profit Ride; Up or Down — Doesn’t Matter to us! New Record Profit Levels Again..

Dow eMini gains + 55 Points today, hitting record profit levels again.   The Dow eMini has only had two losing sessions since Feb 15th with our standard, our of the box, Trend Jumper approach as taught in the training and Owner’s Club.  While many different markets are heading to all new record profit levels […]