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Trade Profits Abound as we Close Another Strong Week of Winners

Our trade profits keep pouring in as we hit on all cylinders again this week with our futures daytrading.  We are in the midst of our Trend Jumper FX Launch and there are plenty of forex trade profits to go around as well. Here are some trade profit highlights: EURUSD 5 Minute Chart (Bread and […]

EURJPY Perfect Over the Past 6 Sessions

The EURJPY, using our favorite 5 minute chart tradeplan has just won 6 sessions in a row, 10 trades in a row.  Today it gained + 70 pips.  Last week it was perfect, gaining + 207 pips with NO losing trades.  That doesn’t always happen and of course, we expect there to be losing trades.  […]

Tradeplans Keep Working; Record Profit Levels Reached Across the board

Confidence in the tradeplans is key to succeeding as a trader.  Here at PTU Trend Jumper Headquarters, we spend a lot of time in building the proper trader foundation, which includes creating a strong belief structure and higher perspective vision of the forest from the trees.  From the higher level point of view, we can […]

Profits Rise; Weekly Totals Hit Record Levels Again

Profits keep rising.  All one has to do is learn the strategy and the follow the tradeplan.  We don’t win every trade but we don’t have to.  It’s not possible anyway.  The tradeplan makes money so our job is to just stay with it.  Lean on the system and good things happen. If you’ve been […]

Futures, Forex Post Large Gains to Start February this Monday

Futures offered lots of great winning opportunities today as did our forex daytrade plan, the EURJPY.  DAX Futures, Soybean Futures, Crude Oil Futures, Russell eMini, Nasdaq eMini, and Heating Oil Futures ALL with significant gains today DAX Futures; + 58.5 Points for 1,465 Euros Heating Oil Futures; + 62 ticks, one and done; 8th winning […]

Forex and eMini Futures Doing Great to Start the New Year

Our favorite forex daytrade plan, the EURJPY 5 minute chart is off to a strong start this year.: Today it gained + 88 pips.  It is up + 355 pips this year already with a 2.22 Profit Factor    See Today’s EURJPY Forex Trade that hit new equity highs for the year and gained +88 pips […]

Forex and Futures Gain BIG on Fed Day

Trend Jumper had us out in front of all the moves yesterday and hours before the feds announced their intentions we were already finished trading with significant profits in hand.  I love December trading and this year is shaping up to be just like last year, as far as our Trend Jumper trading goes.  We’re […]

Forex & Futures; A Spotlight on Three Markets that are Perfect for the Smaller Account; Large Accounts, TOO!!

Soybean Futures only had one losing trade this week, and gained + 17 points.  Best thing is each trade had us in and out in a matter of minutes.  This could be the most consistent winner, requiring the absolute least amount of time in the markets, session after session.  I can’t even remember the last […]

Forex and Futures; Boring is Good

I realize I’ve been focused on producing and posting exciting new tradeplans lately and haven’t really talked much about the current results we have been enjoying with Trend Jumper these past couple of weeks.  I thought I’d do a quick post to bring us up to date on some of our favorite markets.  The fact […]

EURJPY 5 Minute Chart picked up + 128 pips Today During the US Session

Today was a very profitable day for most markets.  One of the highlights was our daytrade plan for the EURJPY.  The tradeplan grabbed + 128 pips by the time it was finished. Dax gains + 40 points today for new record profit levels again! Heating Oil futures gain + 46 ticks Russell eMini futures, + […]