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Forex Swingtrades; AUDNZD Posts a Large Gainer to Start the Year; Futures Daytrades Hit New Record Highs, Winning Across the Board!!

Swingtrading Forex is the way to go.  Daytrade futures, but swingtrade forex.  Sure, we have some excellent forex daytrade plans.  But how can one compare the forex daytrade plans with what we are able to do with our forex swingtrading?  You can spend hours each day, daytrading forex and if you get + 20 pips […]

Forex, Futures, Stocks; Trade Results Posted Huge Gains Again and Lots of Profit Records Were Broken!

We had a huge run up again in equity again as most of our favorite tradeplans exploded to new record profit levels.  It’s hard to keep up on all of it but here is a partial list of this week’s Highlights: Forex EURJPY daytrade forex plan put together a decent week, gaining + 43 pips.  […]

The Forex Tradeplans Keep Coming; Have you Ever Traded the EURCAD?

We continue to find the best forex trade profits in the lesser known pairs.  This week, a brand new forex swingtrade plan was published on the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club for the EURCAD, which continues to fit like a hand in glove with a 4 hour chart.  The standard way of trading the Trend Jumper […]