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Futures and Forex Trading Rings it up Again; More Profits — New Record Levels!!

Unleaded Gas Futures; one and done today for + 74 ticks Heating Oil Futures; one and done for + 79 ticks Crude Oil Futures, one and done for + 30 ticks; 2nd trade was a 1 tick gainer and had us quitting with our power of quitting goals Dow eMini Futures; one and done today […]

Futures and Forex Hit BIG Profits Again; All New Profit Levels — So Many Great Stories..

Futures?  Forex?  Both!!  Daytrading futures and swingtrading forex.  That’s MY mix and a great way to diversify and to benefit from the unique strengths while avoiding their respective unique pitfalls. We had a spectacular week again.  So many great stories it’s hard to know where to begin.  If you are already a Trend Jumper Member […]

Futures Do it Again with Trend Jumper Today

We had a very successful Trend Jumper launch yesterday and the markets teased the new members who are now in the process of getting set up, by delivering some pretty strong gains on many of our favorite markets again. The Dow eMini continued its winning ways with another easy one and done session, giving us […]

Markets Down, but we were UP!! Energy Futures Do it Again and Hit Record Profit Levels for Consecutive Days

Energy Futures Deliver again hitting easy winners and breaking new rec0rds across the board.  Heating Oil, Unleaded and Crude Oil kept the streak alive ending the session quickly and positive.  Natural Gas also was one and done today.  It was a no news Monday but we just stuck to your plan and took what the […]

Trend Jumper and MT4? YES!! Energies Provide HUGE Profits Again..

Trading the Energies with Trend Jumper In this video I’ll give you a first peak at the MT4 version of Trend Jumper Forex as well our current trades in the energies.  We just held an educational webinar on the virtues of trading the energies so I thought I would follow up with yesterday’s session.  (It […]

Thousands of Pips Already in 2013 with Trend Jumper; Here’s a Sample..

This post is a follow up to the post of a few weeks ago, where I covered a number of forex pairs I swingtrade with Trend Jumper.  Here’s a video covering some more pairs, along with a very exciting Trend Jumper announcement.  I won’t spoil the fun.  Check out the video and see how I […]

Forex Results & Current Trades with Trend Jumper

I thought I would update everyone on some of our Forex Swingtrades using Trend Jumper and Daily charts.  This is my favorite way to trade forex.  Many of you have been following along with great interest, the results we have been getting using this simple and straight forward approach.  In this video, I’ll show you […]

2012 a Big Year for Forex and the Trend Jumper

There are a lot of spectacular forex trades leading us to the close of 2012.  I’m carrying several live positions into the new year, some of which are turning into huge home run trades.  Here’s a breakdown of the 2 results for the year using simple, daily charts. I’ll start with the GBPJPY, which is […]

Forex Posting Strong Gains with Trend Jumper; Thousands of Pips this Year!!

In this short video, check out some of the most current forex trades that have either just closed out, are in progress or have us adding and building to already current trades for much bigger profits.  At the end of the video, I’ll even give you a few trades that you can follow along with; trades […]

Today’s LIVE Crude Oil Futures Trades

We started December the same way we ended November, with two trades and two winners.  The streak continues.  Watch me trade Crude Oil Futures live with Trend Jumper.  I will also show you some current forex swingtrades, the Heating Oil Futures session and a mistaken trade on Unleaded Gas Futures. Trying to do too much […]