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GBPUSD Making a Move; Up +244 pips Already with More to Come

The GBPUSD is one of our favorite forex pairs to trade.  We have brand new Daytrade plans for this pair but I wanted to show you the most current trades currently underway with our long running daily chart.  This tradeplan is being used by many traders on many different pairs.  The GBPUSD is actually one […]

Futures, Forex Post Large Gains to Start February this Monday

Futures offered lots of great winning opportunities today as did our forex daytrade plan, the EURJPY.  DAX Futures, Soybean Futures, Crude Oil Futures, Russell eMini, Nasdaq eMini, and Heating Oil Futures ALL with significant gains today DAX Futures; + 58.5 Points for 1,465 Euros Heating Oil Futures; + 62 ticks, one and done; 8th winning […]

Futures Profitable Again; Russell eMini Futures Gains + 10.3 Points

Today’s Results: Heating Oil Futures; + 56 ticks; one and done Crude Oil Futures; + 9 ticks Soybean Futures, + 2.25; one and done S&P Futures (ES); + 2.75; one and done Dow eMini Futures (YM); + 3 points; two trades.  The 3rd trade was also a winner but our tradeplan had us quitting with […]

Futures Profits Continue to Pour IN!! Finished the Week Very Strong!!

Our Futures trading continues to hit new record profit levels nearly every day.  While the global markets continued to sell off and doomsday sayers ran for the hills and hunkered down, Trend Jumper traders smiled all the way to the bank, ringing the register, trade after trade across every market we consistently have been trading. […]

Futures Do it Again with Profits Across the Board Today

It was a great day at the office today, as our futures daytrades posted record profit levels again.  Our EURJPY daytrade plan also was positive today.  Here’s the rundown: DAX Futures; + 21 points (yesterday it gained +13 and is on a 20 session winning streak!) Heating Oil Futures; + .39, one and done Russell […]

Futures; Live Trading with the PTU Trend Jumper

I’m not the only NetPicks Coach who daytrades futures with the Trend Jumper.  Watch how Coach Ron uses the Trend Jumper in these two live videos.

DAX Futures Continue to Race to Record Trend Jumper Profits; 15 Consecutive Winning Sessions

If you live in Europe, Australia, Asia or if you’re just a night owl here in the US, you might want to consider making a living trading DAX futures.  Trend Jumper has put together a pretty impressive track record, dating all the way back to November of 2012.  It just keeps doing great things, constantly […]

Futures and Forex; Christmas Presents from Santa Market

Santa came early this year it seems, at least as far as Trend Jumper and the markets.  So many profit opportunities abound.  Whether you are daytrading futures, swing trading forex or trading stocks and options, this is a very merry time of year and the markets are in a very generous move.   All this great […]

Futures Leap to Record Profit Levels Again as Trend Jumper Wins Across the Board Today

Even though today was a US holiday, Veteran’s Day, the Trend Jumper really delivered the goods today with our futures trading.  Every market (at least all the markets and tradeplans we follow) quit with winners today. Crude Oil futures; + 27 ticks for $270 Crude Oil futures (Renko Beta Test); + 95 ticks for $950 […]

Live Futures Dayrading; Watch How I use the Trend Jumper

This is a good video to watch, even if you are not a futures daytrader.  It is a great look at how the Trend Jumper works and how it dynamically tunes itself to real live market conditions.  We still have to be traders too.  In this video, I think out loud every step of the […]