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Futures Trading Does it Again; Another Brilliant Start to the Week

Futures trading handed us big profits right away again for the Halloween Week.  It was hard to do anything wrong today.  If you watched my Friday’s Heating Oil futures trades, you saw how sometimes you have to just hunker down and stay with the plan.  A couple losses, a couple winners, a couple near winners, […]

Futures Daytrading; Trend Jumper Wins Again Across the Board

Our futures daytrading is off to another amazing start for the week, with many of our favorite markets hitting all new record profit levels, dating all the way back to last year.  Here’s a short list of highlights: You saw in the last post how the YM FREE Strategy (Dow eMini futures) just gained + […]

Forex and Futures Do it Again; Profitable Again Across the Board

Our newest members were treated to a real Tour de Force today as we hit winners on nearly every market we trade in the live traderoom.  For many, it was their very first session with Trend Jumper and as eye opening as I can only image the session was, I think it went a long […]

Futures Daytrades Continues to Win a High Percentage of its Sessions Across Multiple Markets

As we trade our way to the end of the Dawg Days of August, we can be extremely encouraged by how well the Trend Jumper has self-adjusted to the summer market conditions.  In short, the results have been steady and consistent winners on a session to session AND week to week basis across just about […]

Futures & Forex; Traderoom Profits Hit on All our Markets Today

Here’s a quick recap of today’s VIP Live Traderoom Session. EURJPY Forex 5 Min Chart + 109 pips Heating Oil Futures + 159 ticks, $668 Unleaded Gas Futures + 125 ticks for $525 Crude Oil Futures + 39 ticks for $390 YM Dow eMini Futures was a wash, Break Even Russell eMini Futures 1 pn […]

Russell eMini; Two Great Ways to Trade it with Trend Jumper

The Russell eMini typically trades very profitably from mid April on.  This year has been no different.  Our tried and true 377 tick chart continues to perform well.  Today, on a very choppy, no news summer Tuesday, it was able to hit our ‘power of quitting’ goals with just one trade for + 2.2 points. […]

Futures Trading Continues to Post Steady Winners

Futures trading keeps posting gains for us on most of our favorite markets.  Tuesday’s session was as straight forward as it gets, much like Monday’s session.  Winners on just about everything again. Heating Oil Futures, + 54 ticks Crude Oil Futures, + 32 ticks, $320 Dow eMini, + 25 points Russell eMini, + 1.5 Dax […]

Futures Win Across the Board Today; Welcome Back to Me!!

Futures were so easy to trade today.  It’s always hard to come back from vacation and jump back into the saddle but Trend Jumper makes it so easy and today, after my 2nd cup of coffee, it was like I never left.  Moreover the trade gods were very kind to me.  I’m still checking to […]

Dow eMini Futures; 165 points Again? Two Days in a row?

There were many stories to be told today and it was hard deciding on the best headline for this post.  Any one of the below headlines would have been appropriate: Crude Oil Fights its way Back After a Rocky Start   Trend Jumper Puts us in Front of the Zany “Twitter Hack” Sell off for […]

Futures and Forex Trading Rings it up Again; More Profits — New Record Levels!!

Unleaded Gas Futures; one and done today for + 74 ticks Heating Oil Futures; one and done for + 79 ticks Crude Oil Futures, one and done for + 30 ticks; 2nd trade was a 1 tick gainer and had us quitting with our power of quitting goals Dow eMini Futures; one and done today […]