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GBPUSD; Brand New Tradeplan Coming to the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club

The GBPUSD is a great trading pair.  Trend Jumper FX has made thousands of pips with the GBPUSD over the years, trading daily charts.  We have shown these profitable trades numerous times.  In fact, we’ll be showing them again on Thursday with MT4.  That being said, the GBPUSD also trades well on other timeframes.  I thought […]

GBPUSD Making a Move; Up +244 pips Already with More to Come

The GBPUSD is one of our favorite forex pairs to trade.  We have brand new Daytrade plans for this pair but I wanted to show you the most current trades currently underway with our long running daily chart.  This tradeplan is being used by many traders on many different pairs.  The GBPUSD is actually one […]

GBPUSD Forex Swingtrading Closes September STRONG! + 2,043 Pips..

September was a strong month for our Trend Jumper forex swingtrades with GBPUSD giving us one of those monster moves we get with daily charts a few times per year per forex pair.  The Trend Jumper gets us into these moves.  

Futures & Forex End September with a Big Profit Bang! One and Done on Most Markets Today

Our Trend Jumper futures trading gave us our winning quitting goals fast and easy today on many of our favorite markets, ending September strong and starting the new week on the right track. Futures Profits Today Crude Oil futures was one and done with +.48 for $480.  Power of Quitting 2 traders, those who’s tradeplans […]

New Forex Custom Swingtrade Plans for Trend Jumper; GBPUSD 4 Hr Chart

Trend Jumper loves forex and forex traders love Trend Jumper.  At least amongst the Trend Jumper membership.  I’m excited to announce that we have begun to release a new collection of customized swingtrade plans for forex 4 hour charts. We have been banking literally thousands of pips of profit using our tried and true daily […]