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Gold Forex Pairs Daytrade Great with Tick Charts

Gold forex pairs have proven to be so great for daytrading, I thought I’d do another post on it, this time with a completely different approach.  The past couple posts, I’ve shown our new Gold / USD tradeplan for the 15 minute chart.  While there are many great pairs to trade with Trend Jumper, I […]

Solution: Trading Gold as a Forex Pair

2 weeks ago, I had dinner with my extended family. Lo and behold, my brother-in-law tapped me on the shoulder and asked me the question all veteran traders dread: “How do I get started in the markets?” And after chatting about his goals (he confessed an interest in Gold futures) and risk profile, I had […]

Gold/USD Pair Delivering Big Profits; New Forex Trend Jumper Tradeplans

The Gold/USD forex pair (XAUUSD) is a great trading pair.  It moves so well that I’ve been able to develop a number of effective tradeplans on a variety of different timeframes with more to come.  Here’s a look at today’s Gold/USD trade using a 15 minute chart.  It’s actually still in the trade but you can […]