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Live Futures Dayrading; Watch How I use the Trend Jumper

This is a good video to watch, even if you are not a futures daytrader.  It is a great look at how the Trend Jumper works and how it dynamically tunes itself to real live market conditions.  We still have to be traders too.  In this video, I think out loud every step of the […]

Futures Trading Does it Again; Another Brilliant Start to the Week

Futures trading handed us big profits right away again for the Halloween Week.  It was hard to do anything wrong today.  If you watched my Friday’s Heating Oil futures trades, you saw how sometimes you have to just hunker down and stay with the plan.  A couple losses, a couple winners, a couple near winners, […]

Three of the Hottest, Most Reliable Daytrade Markets, Win Again Today

What are these super three daytrade markets?  Heating Oil futures, Soybean futures and the Dow eMini futures.  Today, they were all one and done, starting the week exactly how we love it.  One trade, one full target winner, and each keeping a daytrade session winning streak alive.  Moreover, each of these three usually get their […]

Futures Daytrades Continues to Win a High Percentage of its Sessions Across Multiple Markets

As we trade our way to the end of the Dawg Days of August, we can be extremely encouraged by how well the Trend Jumper has self-adjusted to the summer market conditions.  In short, the results have been steady and consistent winners on a session to session AND week to week basis across just about […]

Markets Down, but we were UP!! Energy Futures Do it Again and Hit Record Profit Levels for Consecutive Days

Energy Futures Deliver again hitting easy winners and breaking new rec0rds across the board.  Heating Oil, Unleaded and Crude Oil kept the streak alive ending the session quickly and positive.  Natural Gas also was one and done today.  It was a no news Monday but we just stuck to your plan and took what the […]

Live Trading Crude and Heating Oil with TJ and the Trend Jumper

Crude Oil Futures end today 2 for 2 for + .68, $680 Heating Oil Futures end today 1 for 1 for + .0074, $310 See the new PTU Automation handle additional trades, as well In this video, get inside my brain and hear me think out loud as I manually trade live, Crude Oil & […]