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Watch My Live Futures Trading Today as I Discuss the Trade in Detail

Today I recorded my Crude Oil futures Session and Soybeans futures session with Trend Jumper.  This is the Soybeans futures session which only has lost three sessions since Sept 9th!  I also show and discuss today’s YM (Dow eMini futures) and Heating Oil futures trades in this video, along with the philosophy that has worked so […]

Crude Oil and Soybean Futures; See Them Traded LIVE

See Friday’s Crude Oil Futures and Soybean Futures trading, recorded live.  I also show you the final trade of the week for the free Dow eMini Futures strategy, which ended the week with +309 points. This video is yet another example of the power of great setups provided by the PTU Trend Jumper, combined with […]

2012 a Big Year for Forex and the Trend Jumper

There are a lot of spectacular forex trades leading us to the close of 2012.  I’m carrying several live positions into the new year, some of which are turning into huge home run trades.  Here’s a breakdown of the 2 results for the year using simple, daily charts. I’ll start with the GBPJPY, which is […]

Big Crude Oil Profits to End the Year! Santa Still had More Prizes in his Big Bag of Gifts for us!

What a great way to end the year for those that decided to stay at their trade desks.  As for me, I was definitely NOT at my desk and spend the week out of town enjoying myself with family and friends.  There is a lot to be said about being able to push away from […]