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New Trend Jumper Forex Daytrade Plan Revealed and Proving to be very Profitable

I’m very excited to announce a brand new Trend Jumper Daytrade plan that is being traded with the EURJPY 5 minute chart.  It has been fantastic.  Today, it gained + 110 pips and as of this writing, is still trailing and will produce even more by the time the trade finishes. The Trend Jumper is […]

Futures and Forex Trading Rings it up Again; More Profits — New Record Levels!!

Unleaded Gas Futures; one and done today for + 74 ticks Heating Oil Futures; one and done for + 79 ticks Crude Oil Futures, one and done for + 30 ticks; 2nd trade was a 1 tick gainer and had us quitting with our power of quitting goals Dow eMini Futures; one and done today […]

Dow eMini (YM) Gains + 54 Points Today, Wins 22 out of Last 23 Sessions!!

Today in the Live Traderoom we only needed to take one trade, which was a winner.  It quickly achieved our ‘power of quitting goals,’ and we were done for the session with + 35 Points.  It was yet another one and done session for the YM, hitting all new record profit levels for us, + […]

DAX Futures Keeps Winning; New Record Profit Levels on FOMC Day

It seems like no matter what happens in the world, Cypress this, something else that, DAX futures keep winnng with the Trend Jumper.  In the last two days alone, our tradeplan, the very same one that is published and available to Trend Jumper Members right on the Owner’s Club, gained +40.5 points on just two […]

Futures Hit Record Profit Levels; Winners Across the Board Again with Trend Jumper

Our futures trading did it again, hitting record profit levels in most of our favorite markets as the session was one of the easiest sessions in a while.  Sometimes I am afraid I sound like a broken record, but the fact remains the records keep breaking.  Record profit levels, that is! Some of Today’s Trades […]

All NEW Record Profit Levels Reached Again Today on Numerous Futures Markets with Trend Jumper!!

Record profit Levels Abound Today Across many of our favorite daytrade markets. You have already seen how we’re hitting the ball outta the park with our Forex Swingtrading.  Daytrading has been nothing short of spectacular too as can easily be observed by the constand breakouts to NEW profit levels on a steady, ongoing basis. Trading […]

I Woke up this Morning to More Forex Profits Again..

Living on the West Coast has both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to trading but one of my favorite disadvantages that I have turned into a BIG advantage is the ability to sleep through some of the most active forex trading and still profit from the moves.  With the Trend Jumper and daily charts, […]

Part Two of Today’s Video Focusing on Trend Jumper Forex and MT4

Lots of Forex Profits to be had, with Trend Jumper: Current open positions are cummulatively up over +900 pips already, as of this writing! I just closed half of my NZDCAD long trade for a nifty +100 pips with a risk free trailer now still in play. AUDCAD also just exited half for +85 pips […]