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Brand New EURJPY Forex Daytrade Plan Gains + 142 pips Today

A brand new forex tradeplan was just published on the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club detailing how to daytrade the EURJPY with the Trend Jumper using a 5 minute chart.  I’ve never really been a big advocate of daytrading forex as many of you already know, and in fact, have much preferred to daytrade futures and swingtrade forex.  This tradeplan […]

Dow eMini Futures; 165 points Again? Two Days in a row?

There were many stories to be told today and it was hard deciding on the best headline for this post.  Any one of the below headlines would have been appropriate: Crude Oil Fights its way Back After a Rocky Start   Trend Jumper Puts us in Front of the Zany “Twitter Hack” Sell off for […]

Not to Sound Like a Broken Record, but the YM has Broken the Record AGAIN Today!

I promise, I will write about something other than the YM.  BUT, the story is just too darn good to ignore.  I need get a parrot or something.  Caw, caw!  The YM busts out again!! But look back at the past posts, going all the way back to the beginning of this blog and you will see the […]

Dow eMini on a Wickedly Wonderful Profit Ride; Up or Down — Doesn’t Matter to us! New Record Profit Levels Again..

Dow eMini gains + 55 Points today, hitting record profit levels again.   The Dow eMini has only had two losing sessions since Feb 15th with our standard, our of the box, Trend Jumper approach as taught in the training and Owner’s Club.  While many different markets are heading to all new record profit levels […]

Perfection is a Beautiful Thing; Many Trend Jumper Futures Tradeplans are Perfect so far this Week, Hitting All New Profit Levels Each Day

There is nothing like starting a new quarter, new month and new week perfect.  Every trade a winner.  Especially after we keep seeing this occur on a fairly frequent basis and we keep breaking record profit levels on every market we follow since the first release of Trend Jumper.  We see this across the board, […]