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Russell eMini; Huge Profits Continue Gigantic Winning Streak

The Russell eMini has not had a losing session with the Trend Jumper and our 1 point Momentum Bar Tradeplan since March 10th!  Today it opened with a strong winner to continue that trend.  As of this writing, it is currently in a trade up over + 14 points, for a profit over $1400 today!  […]

Russell eMini Hitting on All Cylinders; + 6.1 Points Today in 12 Minutes

The Russell eMini is at the beginning of that time of the year when we start licking our chops.  Mid April is when we have seen this market begin producing in a big way.   The first three months for the Russell eMini are usually tough, up and down, up and down, from a trader/profit perspective.  […]

Soybean Futures Win 15th Session in a Row; Done in 2 Minutes

Today the Soybean Futures hit new record profit levels again.  In fact, on a day when most of the markets were selling off and going down, the equity in our accounts was going up and our tradeplans were making fast and efficient profits, finishing the session with just one or two trades per tradeplan.  Soybean futures is […]

Trader Sessions Producing Great Results

I received a great trader question today that I wanted to share with everyone.  Steve D. wrote in with the following question and concern. ” T0o much of a good thing can be bad sometimes.  I have read many articles on trading systems from two of the best traders in the world and both agree on the […]

Russell eMini, Other eMinis, Everything Really — More Big Profits Today

The Russell eMini (TF) has usually been a very difficult market to trade during the 1st four months of the year.  At least that’s what we have seen over the past few years.  Maybe because we have a fantastic trade strategy, the PTU Trend Jumper, and maybe also because we have learned so much with it […]

Futures Profitable Again; Russell eMini Futures Gains + 10.3 Points

Today’s Results: Heating Oil Futures; + 56 ticks; one and done Crude Oil Futures; + 9 ticks Soybean Futures, + 2.25; one and done S&P Futures (ES); + 2.75; one and done Dow eMini Futures (YM); + 3 points; two trades.  The 3rd trade was also a winner but our tradeplan had us quitting with […]

Futures Daytrading Post MORE Large Gains Today

Russell eMini Futures: + 8.6 for $860 S&P eMini Futures: + 5 points for $250 DAX Futures: + 1.5 Heating Oil Futures – 32 ticks Dow eMini Futures + 3 points Soybean Futures + .5 Crude Oil Futures + .66 for $660 Nasdaq eMini Futures + 10.25 points   See Today’s Russell eMini Futures trade […]

Futures Daytrading; Trend Jumper Wins Again Across the Board

Our futures daytrading is off to another amazing start for the week, with many of our favorite markets hitting all new record profit levels, dating all the way back to last year.  Here’s a short list of highlights: You saw in the last post how the YM FREE Strategy (Dow eMini futures) just gained + […]

Russell eMini; Two Great Ways to Trade it with Trend Jumper

The Russell eMini typically trades very profitably from mid April on.  This year has been no different.  Our tried and true 377 tick chart continues to perform well.  Today, on a very choppy, no news summer Tuesday, it was able to hit our ‘power of quitting’ goals with just one trade for + 2.2 points. […]

Dow eMini Futures; 165 points Again? Two Days in a row?

There were many stories to be told today and it was hard deciding on the best headline for this post.  Any one of the below headlines would have been appropriate: Crude Oil Fights its way Back After a Rocky Start   Trend Jumper Puts us in Front of the Zany “Twitter Hack” Sell off for […]