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Russell eMini; Huge Profits Continue Gigantic Winning Streak

The Russell eMini has not had a losing session with the Trend Jumper and our 1 point Momentum Bar Tradeplan since March 10th!  Today it opened with a strong winner to continue that trend.  As of this writing, it is currently in a trade up over + 14 points, for a profit over $1400 today!  […]

Trading Begins the Week Where Last Week Left Off; Profits in Everything..

Trading the standard Trend Jumper tradeplans continue to be extremely profitable on just about all our favorite markets.  Here’s a list of what has recently happened. Today’s Trading Profits DAX; + 21 points Heating Oil Futures; + 53 ticks Soybean Futures; + 2.25 Soybeans Futures trading has been spectacular.  Last week it won 7 out […]

Soybean Futures Win 15th Session in a Row; Done in 2 Minutes

Today the Soybean Futures hit new record profit levels again.  In fact, on a day when most of the markets were selling off and going down, the equity in our accounts was going up and our tradeplans were making fast and efficient profits, finishing the session with just one or two trades per tradeplan.  Soybean futures is […]

Futures and Forex; Another Strong Trading Day

Forex and futures continue to win for us.  The most reassuring thing of all is that this post sounds a lot like the first posts from over a year ago and just about every post since.  The consistency continues and even though I see it nearly every day, it still never ceases to amaze me. […]

Futures Do it Again with Profits Across the Board Today

It was a great day at the office today, as our futures daytrades posted record profit levels again.  Our EURJPY daytrade plan also was positive today.  Here’s the rundown: DAX Futures; + 21 points (yesterday it gained +13 and is on a 20 session winning streak!) Heating Oil Futures; + .39, one and done Russell […]

Futures Trading Does it Again; Another Brilliant Start to the Week

Futures trading handed us big profits right away again for the Halloween Week.  It was hard to do anything wrong today.  If you watched my Friday’s Heating Oil futures trades, you saw how sometimes you have to just hunker down and stay with the plan.  A couple losses, a couple winners, a couple near winners, […]

Watch My Live Futures Trading Today as I Discuss the Trade in Detail

Today I recorded my Crude Oil futures Session and Soybeans futures session with Trend Jumper.  This is the Soybeans futures session which only has lost three sessions since Sept 9th!  I also show and discuss today’s YM (Dow eMini futures) and Heating Oil futures trades in this video, along with the philosophy that has worked so […]

Live Soybean Futures Trades Recorded; Another Winning Session

In this short video, watch me trade Soybean futures using the PTU Trend Jumper.  I also discuss some of the other trades of the day including: EURJPY 5 minute Forex daytrade plan:  Those of you who joined us during yesterday’s Trend Jumper Release Webinar were treated to a great gift; a free version of the […]

Crude Oil and Soybean Futures; See Them Traded LIVE

See Friday’s Crude Oil Futures and Soybean Futures trading, recorded live.  I also show you the final trade of the week for the free Dow eMini Futures strategy, which ended the week with +309 points. This video is yet another example of the power of great setups provided by the PTU Trend Jumper, combined with […]

Soybean Futures Keep Winning; 90% Winners So Far; 12 Winning Sessions in a Row!

Soybean Futures has become my favorite daytrade.  If you want to get in, get out and get done with your trading as fast as possible, this market could easily be the fastest on average to enter and exit at target.  Add to that the fact that it is really hard to find the last time […]