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Stocks, ETFs and Options Producing BIG Profits with Trend Jumper, too

    Stocks, ETFs and option trades don’t really get enough attention on this blog.  I admit that I tend to focus first on futures daytrading and next, on forex swingtrading.  But stocks might be the BEST of the bunch.  The profits are so consistent and there are so many great trading symbols, charts and […]

Are you Making Money with Google (GOOG)? You Should Be!!

Google stock charts are some of the most profitable trading charts available, especially the daily charts which are perfect for swingtrading and simple directional options trades.  With options, you can control 100 shares of GOOG at a fraction of the cost and risk.  Moreover, with the recent innovation of mini options, even small capital accounts […]

Trading Individual Countries, with Leverage, Using the Trend Jumper

Did you know that you can get incredible diversification by trading individual countries using the Trend Jumper for high percentage, reliable profits?  By the use of well selected ETFs (electronically traded funds, which trade just like stocks), we can use simple calls and puts to make large profits with small risk.  And as traders, that’s […]

New Tradeplan for NFLX Added Today

Here’s another great tradeplan to add to our growing collection of Stocks and ETF plans.  NFLX has gained $734 per share just since Nov 1, 2010, winning 72% of its trades and averaging $13 per trade.  Moreover, the profit factor is a very respectable 4.00!  As I have saying all along, we have barely scratched […]

New Custom Swingtrade Plan Published for the Hot ETF, VXX

Stocks and ETFs present a HUGE opportunity for Trend Jumper traders.  We have only just begun to find the hidden treasure.  We’re off to a good start though.  This ETF, the VXX has been a very lucrative chart dating back to January, 2009.  It has gained over $1,330 per share, winning 85% of its trades […]

New Tradeplans for Stocks, ETFs and Options Being Published to the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club

The first tradeplan of a collection of many which will follow shortly, is a custom tradeplan, created with the Trend Jumper Pro Automation using an End of Day (daily) chart of Google.  Google has been and remains one of the best trading instruments available.  Not just stocks, by the way.  When comparing how daily charts […]