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Forex Swingtrades Continue to Hit the Big Profits with Across the Board with Trend Jumper

Our forex trading has been simply amazing with Trend Jumper.  I receive numerous testimonials each week from happy new members who are banging down large gains.  The profits from the past two posts continue to climb with every passing day.  Since the last major Trend Jumper release, forex swingtrades are up literally THOUSANDS of pips, […]

Forex Profits are Made in the Lesser Known Pairs

The Aussie forex pairs are hot and delivering profits all over the forex map with Trend Jumper Daily Swingtrade charts.  EURAUD has done it again, and fast!  After an extremely profitable drop in price over the last couple months, we were able to pick a couple winners on the reaction back up.  One of those […]

A Close Look at Some Current Trend Jumper Forex Swingtrades

Here is a video that explains in great detail several of the live forex trades we are in with Trend Jumper.  It is an abridged sample of a training video that was just posted in the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club.  Check it out.  Let me know if you like it. Trend Jumper will soon be on […]

Forex Results & Current Trades with Trend Jumper

I thought I would update everyone on some of our Forex Swingtrades using Trend Jumper and Daily charts.  This is my favorite way to trade forex.  Many of you have been following along with great interest, the results we have been getting using this simple and straight forward approach.  In this video, I’ll show you […]

Today’s LIVE Crude Oil Futures Trades

We started December the same way we ended November, with two trades and two winners.  The streak continues.  Watch me trade Crude Oil Futures live with Trend Jumper.  I will also show you some current forex swingtrades, the Heating Oil Futures session and a mistaken trade on Unleaded Gas Futures. Trying to do too much […]