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Swingtrading the S & P; New Tradeplan for the SPY Coming Later this Month

The S & P is probably the most popular futures market to trade and in my humble opinion is also probably one of the most difficult to succeed at.  There are several reasons why it is so difficult to trade and consistently win at: The tick price is expensive; 1/4 point ticks at $12.50 per […]

New Forex Swingtrade Plan for the AUDUSD, 4 Hour Chart

This forex swingtrade plan marks the 2nd submission of tradeplans designed specifically for the 240 minute (four hour) chart using customized Trend Jumper Pro Tradeplans.  As powerful as our first plan has been for the GBPUSD, this new one of the AUDUSD has been even more profitable. All details of the tradeplan are fully disclosed […]