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GBPUSD Making a Move; Up +244 pips Already with More to Come

The GBPUSD is one of our favorite forex pairs to trade.  We have brand new Daytrade plans for this pair but I wanted to show you the most current trades currently underway with our long running daily chart.  This tradeplan is being used by many traders on many different pairs.  The GBPUSD is actually one […]

This Week’s Daytrade Plan Results

Weekly Totals ending March 28th: DAX Futures; + 127.5 points for 1387.5 Euros Crude Oil Futures; + 15 ticks Russell eMini; + 20.9 Dow eMini; + 112 points Soybean Futures; + 14 points EURJPY 5 min; + 197 pips Heating Oil Futures; + 221 ticks

Trade Results; A Week at a Glance

The trade results this week weren’t perfect but they were pretty solid considering that we had Fed Testimony and Euro Speak throughout the week.  Moreover, last week as amazing with strong winning sessions on every market.  I was expecting this week to be more of a challenge and it was.   That’s just trading.  Still though, Trend Jumper, […]

Trade Results from Today’s Session; ALL Winners Again!

Trade Results today relied heavily on our signature Power of Quitting Strategy, which served us well as we ran the table with quick winning sessions on all the markets we do in the live traderoom.  All this on the day before Non Farm Payroll which historically can be a very choppy session. Trade results, trade results, trade results!  […]

Futures; Profits Across the Board for a Strong Start to February

Dax Futures is not the only market hitting record profit levels, practically every day.  As the market continues to decline, our futures tradeplans with the Trend Jumper are continuing to make money with ever rising equity curves.  There’s also some good forex trading taking place with our daily swing trade charts.  I’ll write a new […]

Trend Jumper IS the Strategy to use to Trade Energy Futures

Trend Jumper loves the energy futures.  If you’ve been following along then you would know that for over two months, we have only experienced one losing session with crude oil futures.  Today in our live traderoom, the trend continued.  We took two live trades and won them both for a very pleasing +.86 gain, which […]