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It’s Bootcamp Time Again !! Sneak Peak at a Trend Jumper Advanced Approach Good for Choppy Markets

It is still not too late to JUMP on board the Trend Jumper and to do so in time to catch this next upcoming Advanced Training Bootcamp.  I’ve very excited for this one because I will be covering new, cutting edge Trend Jumper techniques that have really made a fast impact. One technique I’ll be […]

Watch My Live Futures Trading Today as I Discuss the Trade in Detail

Today I recorded my Crude Oil futures Session and Soybeans futures session with Trend Jumper.  This is the Soybeans futures session which only has lost three sessions since Sept 9th!  I also show and discuss today’s YM (Dow eMini futures) and Heating Oil futures trades in this video, along with the philosophy that has worked so […]

Futures Win Across the Board Today; Welcome Back to Me!!

Futures were so easy to trade today.  It’s always hard to come back from vacation and jump back into the saddle but Trend Jumper makes it so easy and today, after my 2nd cup of coffee, it was like I never left.  Moreover the trade gods were very kind to me.  I’m still checking to […]

Forex Swingtrades Continue to Hit the Big Profits with Across the Board with Trend Jumper

Our forex trading has been simply amazing with Trend Jumper.  I receive numerous testimonials each week from happy new members who are banging down large gains.  The profits from the past two posts continue to climb with every passing day.  Since the last major Trend Jumper release, forex swingtrades are up literally THOUSANDS of pips, […]

Forex Swingtrading with Trend Jumper; + 3308 Pips in 2013 Already!

Our forex swingtrading continues to be excellent.  In the prior post I updated some results using a variation to our tradeplan.  I wanted to update you on a very exciting pair that is often overlooked or not thought about, the EURNZD. I just completed a 90 minute Advanced Training Video on how exactly to trade […]

Recent Forex Swingtrade Results with Trend Jumper

The Trend Jumper can be used in many ways.  My favorite way to swingtrade forex is using daily charts and scaling out profits at each target level, while also using the tools to reduce risk, cut risk and then continually lock in profit as the trade progresses past each target level.  I also love to […]

New Trend Jumper Forex Daytrade Plan Revealed and Proving to be very Profitable

I’m very excited to announce a brand new Trend Jumper Daytrade plan that is being traded with the EURJPY 5 minute chart.  It has been fantastic.  Today, it gained + 110 pips and as of this writing, is still trailing and will produce even more by the time the trade finishes. The Trend Jumper is […]

Forex & Futures Keep Winning with the Trend Jumper

Whether you’re trading forex or futures, as long as the price is moving, the profits are there to be had and the Trend Jumper shows us how to get them.  Combined with smart tradeplan rules and top notch training, Trend Jumper Members have what they need to achieve positive, profitable results on a consistent basis. […]

Forex Profits are Made in the Lesser Known Pairs

The Aussie forex pairs are hot and delivering profits all over the forex map with Trend Jumper Daily Swingtrade charts.  EURAUD has done it again, and fast!  After an extremely profitable drop in price over the last couple months, we were able to pick a couple winners on the reaction back up.  One of those […]

Markets DOWN! Trend Jumper Futures Profits UP!! Despite Choppy Early ‘Tax Day’ Action

Futures profits were to be had all over the place, despite a very choppy early part of the morning session.  We hit profit goals on pretty much everything.  Our free YM 5 minute chart tradeplan was one and done today with a strong winner as well. DAX futures was tremendous again!  Two trades, one loss […]