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Over +1000 Ticks of Profit with Heating Oil Futures over the Past 7 Sessions with Trend Jumper

In this video, I walk through in great detail, how with very limited trading, the Trend Jumper was able to grab over +1000 ticks in profit using our very tight and concise tradeplan with Heating Oil Futures; exact entries, targets and stops coupled with smart, easy rules to follow.  At $4.20 per tick, the last […]

2012 a Big Year for Forex and the Trend Jumper

There are a lot of spectacular forex trades leading us to the close of 2012.  I’m carrying several live positions into the new year, some of which are turning into huge home run trades.  Here’s a breakdown of the 2 results for the year using simple, daily charts. I’ll start with the GBPJPY, which is […]

Futures Trading; Trend Jumper Runs the Table Posting More Winners on FOMC Day

Prior to our Undergrad Training in our Premier Trader University today, I had the opportunity to trade a few markets with Trend Jumper.  Here is a recording of my trades in Crude Oil, Heating Oil, Unleaded Gas and the Dow eMini.

Forex Posting Strong Gains with Trend Jumper; Thousands of Pips this Year!!

In this short video, check out some of the most current forex trades that have either just closed out, are in progress or have us adding and building to already current trades for much bigger profits.  At the end of the video, I’ll even give you a few trades that you can follow along with; trades […]

Live Trade Example During Slow Holiday Trading; Trend Jumper Didn’t Care

The markets have no concept of time.  We as humans can see how slow or busy a market is but a trade method like Trend Jumper only cares about identifying immediate support and resistance areas from which to jump off of.  Watch me trade Crude Oil Live during the holiday market.  Trend Jumper worked in […]

Trend Jumper Webinar Replay

The Trend Jumper is LIVE and AVAILABLE for the next few days.  If you missed the webinar, here is the replay video: You can also order the Trend Jumper right now by clicking on this link: **Order Trend Jumper Today**

Trend Jumper Finishes the Week Strong with Futures Daytrading

Trend Jumper made fast work of the markets today with Power of Quitting 1, on most of the markets we like to trade.  It was able to quit quickly with one and done on numerous charts today for modest gains and a strong finish to the week.  Each one of these markets were undefeated each […]

Futures Trading HUGELY Profitable Again Today with Trend Jumper

Today I traded and demoed the Trend Jumper on a number of live markets in front of a large exclusive audience, laying it all on the line in front of the court of public opinion.  The net results were nothing short of excellent.  Winning sessions on everything.  Again!  Of course you’ve seen on this blog […]

The Win Streak Continues with Crude Futures; Big Winners Across the Board with Trend Jumper

Who would have thought that the day of the US Presidential election would lead to such a profitable trading day in the market.  My intuitive hunch told me it was going to be a choppy session as the whole world awaits the outcome.  The markets had another idea in mind.  That is why it is […]

Big Futures Profits;Trend Jumper Hits on ALL Cylinders Today..

You want to see how versatile and effective the Trend Jumper is?  This video will take you through some of our regular markets like the Russell eMini, Dow eMini, S&P and Nasdaq eMinis, but also some lesser known markets that are excellent daytrade markets.  Notice how I don’t change anything at all, except for the […]