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Futures Hit Record Profit Levels; Winners Across the Board Again with Trend Jumper

Our futures trading did it again, hitting record profit levels in most of our favorite markets as the session was one of the easiest sessions in a while.  Sometimes I am afraid I sound like a broken record, but the fact remains the records keep breaking.  Record profit levels, that is! Some of Today’s Trades […]

Futures Post Winners Across the Board with Trend Jumnper to Kick off the New Year

Futures trading was very straight forward and solid, with Trend Jumper posting winners across many different markets.  We hit our goals early today with Crude Oil, which ended with our signature “Power of Quitting” approach.  We were done in just a few minutes.  You could see what happened in the video below.  Also, you’ll see […]

Trend Jumper and Wheat Futures Equals High Percentage Winners!

Wheat Futures Gain +57.75 Points in November for $2887.50 Very Few Trades and an excellent ‘extra’ market to add to your everyday trade routine Most people don’t consider trading Wheat Futures.  Just look at the volume.  In fact, compare the volume of Wheat Futures to that of the ES (S&P eMini).  I know, you’re probably […]

Futures Trading HUGELY Profitable Again Today with Trend Jumper

Today I traded and demoed the Trend Jumper on a number of live markets in front of a large exclusive audience, laying it all on the line in front of the court of public opinion.  The net results were nothing short of excellent.  Winning sessions on everything.  Again!  Of course you’ve seen on this blog […]