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The Dow (YM) eMini Continues to WIN with Trend Jumper

  • Up + 20 Points today
  • Up +58 points in Dec with just one trade per day — NO losses
  • Up +436 points in November
  • Great for smaller accounts and beginning traders
  • Trend Jumper is MADE for the YM

The YM (Dow eMini) is the perfect futures market to either start out with as a new trader or, to just add to your daily trade routine.  Using our signature Power of Quitting approach, combined with Trend Jumper, the results should be catching your attention.  It certainly has us hooked!

Today in our live training traderoom, we caught the first trade of the day and a nifty 20 points of profit to keep the win streak alive for December.  The YM is batting 1.000 so far this month with NO losses.  What’s more impressive though is the fact that it is winning 70% of its trades and since the beginning of November, has amassed nearly 500 points!  494, to be exact.

At $5 per point, the YM is up $2,370 since Nov 5th.  Anyone starting to trade with a $5000 account (small but doable in the world of futures trading) is already up a whopping 47% in just one month.  Keep in mind Wall Street careers are made if you can gain 10% per YEAR.  Trend Jumper and the YM gained 47% in ONE MONTH!

Best of all, it’s doing it with low risk, high winning percentage, a high profit factor of 2.73 and other very important positive metrics.  Moreover, it is being done with a highly efficient strategy, the Trend Jumper, and in a manner that is very easy to learn, requires minimal time in the market, and is thoroughly taught nuts to bolts, so that ANYONE, newbie or advanced, can succeed with this tradeplan.  Today’s session took THREE minutes.

Can YOU do that?  SURE!!  Why not? 

Get on the waiting list and make sure you JUMP at your chance to join us in the Trend Jumper Traderoom the next time Trend Jumper opens up, so that YOU TOO can profit from these highly reliable and efficient dow eMini trades.


  1. Mike Martone says:

    If this system produces as shown,I need it now

    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks for the comment and, I don’t blame you! You should want it! Trend Jumper is a fantastic strategy and produces excellent, profitable trade setups. Still though, in the end, it’s the trader who produces the winners and losers. Anyone who takes the time to really learn the strategy, which is quite simple, should be able to be profitable IF they have learned how to master themselves. Trading still involves probabilities and making the best trade decisions at the right edge of the chart, and not everyone can do that, even with profitable strategies.

      Trend Jumper makes it a whole lot easier IF you learn it and understand how and why it works and what it is actually attempting to do. This sounds SO obvious, and it is, but you’d be surprised how many don’t bother to take that initial critical ‘learning’ step. They just jump right into the markets with a tool they don’t know how to use yet. Imagine the weekend builder trying to build a house with power tools that he hasn’t learned how to use. He’s going to wind up a few fingers short of a hand and with a nail sticking out of his big toe. The powertools sure were great, though!

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