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The Forex Tradeplans Keep Coming; Have you Ever Traded the EURCAD?

We continue to find the best forex trade profits in the lesser known pairs.  This week, a brand new forex swingtrade plan was published on the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club for the EURCAD, which continues to fit like a hand in glove with a 4 hour chart.  The standard way of trading the Trend Jumper continues to be incredibly effective on so many markets and timeframes, including forex end of day charts.  Four hour forex charts seem to work better when we customize the indicators a bit to better fit the personality of the chart.

Check out the backtesed Performance Report for this forex pair, the EURCAD over the past three years, 315 trades.  (This forex curve is based on two full size lots and no money management plan.) 

080413_EURCAD Report


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