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The Traderoom is Going Strong — All Winners Again Today

The Trend Jumper traderoom is Where one goes to really learn how to best use the strategy.  Every session we have a diverse group of traders, some being wise old TJ veterans, some intermediate and then a group who is just starting out.  Questions are asked and answered in real time, but also, trades are taken, discussed, etc.

Today was a typical session.  We traded Crude Oil Futures, Heating Oil, the Dow eMini, the Russell eMini and the EURJPY (which is still going by the way, as of the writing of this post).

One of the ongoing themes that we discuss, and which really helps most traders in general, is the concept of tradeplans, and running our trading (tradeplans) as a disciplined business, from start to finish.  In the end, if we can find a way to quit positive on MOST sessions, we can be profitable on a consistent basis.  The best way to really learn that, and the techniques we use to accomplish that is best demonstrated by today’s session itself.

Today in the traderoom we followed the same tradeplans we’ve been following for years.  We hit our objectives quickly, in fact on the first trade in every market we traded, and quit positive for the session; each tradeplan being a session.

  • Crude Oil, one and done for + .40 = $400
  • YM, one and done for + 38 = $190
  • TF, one and done for + 3.5 = $350
  • HO, one and done for + .0044 = $184.80
See today’s trade in Crude Oil Futures as called and taken live, in the Trend Jumper Traderoom



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