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The Win Streak Continues with Crude Futures; Big Winners Across the Board with Trend Jumper

Who would have thought that the day of the US Presidential election would lead to such a profitable trading day in the market.  My intuitive hunch told me it was going to be a choppy session as the whole world awaits the outcome.  The markets had another idea in mind.  That is why it is SO important to NOT try to second guess, or even first guess what the market is going to do on any given session.  No one knows!!

That is also why you need to have a good reliable trade method that you could just ‘lean on.’  What’s the tradeplan say to do?  Ok, easy!  Take the next trade according to the plan.  That’s exactly what I did today with Crude Oil and I was rewarded with a very profitable session; 3 trades (2 wins, 1 small loss) for a net of +.65; +650 with the typical approach.

Here’s a video showing how it went down.  You’ll see from the first trade how just leaning on the system and tradeplan was the best choice.  Today’s winners keep the streak alive with no losing session in this market dating back to Oct 1st!  Check it out.

All the other markets I follow had great winning sessions, as well.

  • The Russell just missed a couple full targets and ended with a modest +.9, but also posted its 9th winning trade in a row since last Wed.
  • Russell Late am Session + .8 (similar to am with modest gains)
  • Crude PM Session; + .38 (3 trades, 2 wins and 1 loss)
  • YM; + 51 Points (6 Trades)
  • NQ; + 12.25 points (4 Trades)
  • ES; + 3 points (4 Trades)
  • Unleaded Gas Futures (RB); +120 ticks (1 Trade)
  • Heating Oil Futures; +100 ticks (1 Trade)
  • FGBL; Euro Session, + 17 Points (2 Trades, both winners)
  • FDAX; Euro Session, +38.5 Points (2 Trades, both winners)

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