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Thousands of Pips Already in 2013 with Trend Jumper; Here’s a Sample..

This post is a follow up to the post of a few weeks ago, where I covered a number of forex pairs I swingtrade with Trend Jumper.  Here’s a video covering some more pairs, along with a very exciting Trend Jumper announcement.  I won’t spoil the fun.  Check out the video and see how I was able to grab a lot of pips, on just these pairs alone.

  • AUDJPY up +6823 pips since beginning of 2012.  We added a couple thousand pips just with the last several trades as shown in this video.
  • EURUSD up +1229 Pips
  • NZDJPY up + 2930 Pips
  • EURGBP up HUNDREDS of pips just in the last few weeks, alone.

Trend Jumper put us in front of these major moves with elegance and simplicity, leaving NO guessing as to how and when to enter, manage and exit each trade from beginning to end.  I heard a Trend Jumper Member actually say yesterday, and I quote, “Trend Jumper trades are SO easy, a monkey could trade it successfully!!”  Now, I can’t endorse such a statement as being factual, but it WAS this one Member’s true opinion.

After watching this video, and hopefully some of the others found on this blog, I think you will come close to believing the same thing.  Trend Jumper is easy to learn, simple to trade, and straight forward to manage.  The training is second to none, including a LIVE Traderoom where you can learn, step by step in market conditions, with real ‘right edge of the chart’ live trading and a coach to answer ALL your questions.  Who else does this?  There are tons of chat rooms but I don’t believe you will find a forex (and futures) trade strategy that comes with a LIVE Traderoom, actually trading and teaching the very same strategy live, in a way that is SO simple to learn, quite like this.



  1. You have Thursday as your release day on two time frames 12:00pm EST and 6:00pm EST both time not good for me because I work 8-5 PST.
    Can you have differen times maybe later in the evening for the folks that live on the west coast?
    Thank you,

  2. Hello!
    I was promised to download tradejmper free if i sign up which i did. Were can I download it? please help.

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