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Three of the Hottest, Most Reliable Daytrade Markets, Win Again Today

What are these super three daytrade markets?  Heating Oil futures, Soybean futures and the Dow eMini futures.  Today, they were all one and done, starting the week exactly how we love it.  One trade, one full target winner, and each keeping a daytrade session winning streak alive.  Moreover, each of these three usually get their work done quickly allowing us to get in, get out and get done.  Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to do with the rest of my Monday!

  • Heating Oil is by far the hottest.  It has had only one losing session in the last 31!!  Today it won +190 ticks for $798.
  • Soybean futures continues to put together an impressive run as well.  Since Sept 9, when I began forward testing this market, it has only had 3 losing sessions.  Today it too was one and done with + 2.25 points.
  • The Dow eMini with our signature 377 tick chart makes a new equity high every 5th session, on average.  This amazing result has been going on since last year, November of 2012.  Today it was one and done for + 20 points
  • We have to offer up Crude Oil futures as a daytrade honorable mention.  It too continues to break new record equity highs on a regular basis.  Today it won 2 out of 3 for +.16, $160.


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