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Today’s LIVE Crude Oil Futures Trades

We started December the same way we ended November, with two trades and two winners.  The streak continues.  Watch me trade Crude Oil Futures live with Trend Jumper.  I will also show you some current forex swingtrades, the Heating Oil Futures session and a mistaken trade on Unleaded Gas Futures.

Trying to do too much on too little monitor real estate is NOT advised.  I like to use a protrait oriented BIG monitor for my Think or Swim ladder and I learned the hard way that trying to record it on a smaller, horizontal orientation should be practiced before put into live practice, or maybe even not attempted at all.  No real harm done.  It was a very successful session none-the-less.  The video shows all and hopefully you will benefit and learn from my mistakes so that you don’t make the same.  On the other hand, hopefully you will also learn how easy the Trend Jumper is to trade, and if you’ve been following along up to this point, just how reliably profitable it is, too.

This video shows how profitable and straight forward it is to use Trend Jumper to trade Crude Oil Futures


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