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Trade Profits Abound as we Close Another Strong Week of Winners

Our trade profits keep pouring in as we hit on all cylinders again this week with our futures daytrading.  We are in the midst of our Trend Jumper FX Launch and there are plenty of forex trade profits to go around as well.

Here are some trade profit highlights:

  • EURUSD 5 Minute Chart (Bread and Butter tradeplan) wins its 10th session in a row.  That’s two straight weeks without a losing session.  In fact, there has only been ONE losing trade in the last two weeks.  That happened with our first trade today.  But it quickly turned around and as of this writing, it is currently in a winning short trade which has over +58 pips locked in with our stops and the potential for a whole lot more.

We have Trade Profits locked in on this currently open trade in the EURJPY.  This will be the final trade of the week and guarantees the 10th winning session in a row and a two week stretch with just one losing trade.



Weekly Trade Profits for our Signature Futures Daytrade Plans (Power of Quitting 1)

  • ES; + 17.75
  • TF; + 9.1 (No losing session since March 10th!!)
  • YM; + 98 points
  • Soybean Futures; Huge + 32.75 points.  We had over + 28 points last week and Soybean futures has not had a losing session since Feb 21st!!
  • Crude Oil Futures; + .74
  • Heating Oil Futures; + 127 ticks
  • DAX Futures; + 26.5 Points

If you have not yet attended our Trend Jumper FX Release Webinar, you can still catch us on Thursday, May 15th for a live and interactive Q & A.  Here’s your chance to see the Trend Jumper in action and ask all your questions.  We’ll be looking at live charts and recent trades, as we always do.

Get your seat here, and learn how you can improve your own trade profits with the PTU Trend Jumper FX.  Futures traders welcome too, of course.  You will NOT be left out.  (Stock traders too, actually!!)  Those in attendance will receive a brand new FREE Trend Jumper trade strategy at the end of the session.  (Hint: You’ve seen some of the great trades this plan has produced already, here on this blog.)

Register for your seat now.  This launch will end soon.




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