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Trade Profits Keep Pouring in with Trend Jumper

Our trade profits continue to climb as all our favorite markets keep making new record equity highs.  The DAX is on a tear, winning another 4 sessions.  It hasn’t had a losing session since July 30th, and before that, July 11th.  Today it finished with + 5.5 points.  Yesterday it finished with + 67.5 points.  Our dynamic goal setting strategy, the ‘Power of Quitting,’ continues to serve us well.

This Week’s Trade Profits
  • DAX; + 118 points. The DAX continues to win every session, currently enjoying a 27 consecutive session winning streak!  Today it finished with + 20 points.
  • Crude Oil Futures; + 100 ticks and all new equity highs
  • YM; + 93 points and all new equity highs
  • TF; + 15.1 points and all new equity highs
  • Heating Oil Futures; + 241 ticks and new equity highs
  • Soybean Futures; + 9.5 points near all time equity highs
  • EURJPY 5 min Chart; + 320 pips and all new equity highs


Be sure to track our model trade portfolio for the Russell eMini, the very same tradeplan we use in the live traderoom.  The purpose is to show how the Trend Jumper can be traded for ongoing profits, even if beginning with a small account.  You’ll see the link at the top of this blog.  Even if you trade a different market, you can follow this same idea.  You’ll see that by simply following tradeplan, and trade the Trend Jumper in the way it is intended to be traded, you too will enjoy the constant experience of trade profits pouring in.

We also just came out with the new Trend Jumper Reversal Trader.  Check back soon for a list of the Reversal Trader tradeplans that are already available which will also, keep the trade profits pouring in.

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