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Trade Results from Today’s Session; ALL Winners Again!

Trade Results today relied heavily on our signature Power of Quitting Strategy, which served us well as we ran the table with quick winning sessions on all the markets we do in the live traderoom.  All this on the day before Non Farm Payroll which historically can be a very choppy session.

Trade results, trade results, trade results!  Everybody wants them.  In this blog I do my best to consistently post the trade results we are getting from the same markets we trade every day with Trend Jumper, in our live traderoom.  This has been a week of lots of winners, new record profit levels, and quick finishing sessions.

Trade Results:

  • DAX Futures, +50.5 points for 1,262.5 Euros
  • Dow eMini; + 19 points
  • ES; + 9.5 points and record profit levels
  • EURJPY; + 149 pips
  • Crude Oil Futures; + 41 for $410
  • TF; + 2.9, one and done.  So far, winning 5 of 7 trades this week and a weekly total to date of +16.8 points
  • Soybean Futures; + 3.25 points and 13 winning sessions in a row!
  • Heating Oil Futures; one and done in 3 minutes for + 56 ticksand 11 winning sessions in a row!

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See today’s ES Trade Results, which basically finished one and done for + 9.5 points and new record profit levels for this traderplan.





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