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Here’s a short video walking through the Dow eMini trades this past week.  See how Mon through Thursday produced + 260 Dow eMini Points (Correction from video which was in error, stating +344) just by following the tradeplan that comes with the FREE Trend Jumper strategy that YOU can download for yourself.

Check it out.


Since this video was created late Thursday, we didn’t have the Friday trade results in.  Friday gained + 49 points and the week did end up breaking three hundred points, with + 309 points for the week.  Still not bad.  Sorry for the error. — TJ


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  1. Thanks for letting me try your system. I live in NZ so I can only trade the London open; have you had any experience on trading at this time?
    Thanks Keith

    • I haven’t personally had experience but we do have a trade coach in London and he runs a live traderoom during European hours. Also, the DAX is one of our winningest tradeplans, which begins at 9 am Eurex time. Perhaps that would be a good choice for you. Also, forex swingtrading is certainly worth considering.

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