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Tradeplans Keep Working; Record Profit Levels Reached Across the board

Confidence in the tradeplans is key to succeeding as a trader.  Here at PTU Trend Jumper Headquarters, we spend a lot of time in building the proper trader foundation, which includes creating a strong belief structure and higher perspective vision of the forest from the trees.  From the higher level point of view, we can make business/trade decisions that continually grow our equity by following the tradeplans that keep proving themselves.  Even in the fact of challenging market conditions, the strategy works itself out and gets to a positive result a majority of the time.  Our tradeplans have hit record profit levels again and have done so since the beginning.  Is anyone willing to bet that they will all of a sudden cease to continue with this track?

Trend Jumper and its tradeplans are designed to work and grow equity.  While no one can predict the future with 100% certainty, I continue to bet on these tradeplans and the register keeps ringing in the profits.

The tradeplans produced today and this week, yet again.  Here are the results:

  • DAX grabs + 19.5 points to finish the week today.  Weekly total is + 83 points and new record profit levels again.
  • Heating Oil; + 43 ticks
  • Soybean Futures; + 11 points; Weekly total was + 17.5 points and new equity highs
  • Russell eMini; + 2.6 points; Weekly total + 15.7 points for $1570 and new record profit levels (equity highs)
  • EURJPY gained + 17 pips today but finished the week down + 305 pips due to very tight, low range trading.
  • Crude Oil Futures only gained + 3 ticks today but ended the week up, + 1.35; $1350
  • ES finished with a modest + 1.5 points today.  Weekly total up + 3.75 points
  • Dow eMini also ended with modest gains, + 2 points.  Weekly total up + 67 points and new record profit levels.
Today, our EURJPY 5 min Tradeplan gained a fast +17 pips hitting a perfectly accurate target.


Can other forex pairs be traded with the EURJPY 5 min tradeplan?  I think so, yes.  I really like how the CADJPY trades.  While I have not put out an official tradeplan on this pair, I have hear from others that it does great.  Check out today’s action for example.



Here’s a look at the exact same session, same tradeplan, using an MT4 chart.  Notice how accurate these trades are too.  The purple line is used as a trailing stop for an additional position.



Finally I thought I’d show this 1 hour chart of the same pair, CADJPY.  I just took a random look having never seen this chart with this tradeplan on it.  It is not an official tradeplan at this point but it goes to show the versatility of the Trend Jumper.  Can you spot all the trades?  Notice the accuracy.  Maybe I will work on this and develop an official tradeplan.  Trend Jumper traders are empowered to do that for themselves and is part of our training.





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