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I received a great trader question today that I wanted to share with everyone.  Steve D. wrote in with the following question and concern.

” T0o much of a good thing can be bad sometimes.  I have read many articles on trading systems from two of the best traders in the world and both agree on the issue of too many people trading the same mechanical system can have a negative effect on the credibility of the system, in the long run.  It is just my opinion but I think at some time you should stop offering the free version of trend jumper and also limit the amount of full versions.  This may sound nuts but after reading on this issue of trading systems and the more it is being used by this trader or that trader,  it seems that the market makers become privy to what is going on. I would just hate to see such a good thing not last.   You guys have done such a great job with this thank you.”

I appreciate Steve’s concern.  I am actually humbled that this trader would think that the Trend Jumper could possibly fall prey to this problem.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would create a trade strategy that was so effective that enough of the trader world would catch onto it so much so, to render it no longer effective.  Actually, after thinking about what Trader Steve expressed his concerns over, I do not feel we need to worry so much.

Here’s my response to him:

Hey Steve,

I appreciate your comments. Thanks for the big vote of confidence too.  My feeling is that we are very far away from that risk actually happening.  Perhaps the freebie YM plan is the one with the biggest risk but I even doubt that.  Here are a few reasons why:
1.  Most traders quit the freebies as soon as they get their first consecutive losing trades/sessions.  So the attrition kind of takes care of itself.  The experienced trader knows better but remember, 90% of traders lose, even with a great strategy.
2.  The full version of Trend Jumper (TJ) is so versatile, offering so many different ways to trade a market that the odds of one plan being overused is probably nil to none.  Again, attrition will take care of it, like what I just said above.  But also, everyone is trading something different.  It is so versatile that there are many different tradeplans/approaches etc..  If the 377 tick with the YM has too many traders, why not trade a 388 tick, for example?  The possibilities are nearly endless.  But mostly, it’s attrition.  90% of traders fail largely because they chase performance and don’t do the necessary foundational work to take ownership of a tradeplan and then commit to it with discipline.  As long as humans are humans, and operate from a human nature point of view, I think you have nothing to worry about.  And the chances of that dynamic changing is about as likely as humans figuring out how to turn back global warming.  We can’t get out of our own way.
3.  The newest Advanced Toolkit that we are coming out with, to plug right into the TJ Pro will open up countless more trade opportunities and ways to use the TJ.  It would be virtually impossible for a saturation of traders to load up on a single/market tradeplan at this point.  I guess it’s technically possible but it is inconceivable.  Each trader, if following the training correctly, will use the tradeplan that is right for that trader.  Those that do not make the effort to go through the Steps to Success Guide on our Owner’s Club, will end up in the attrition column.
One of the magic bullets that make this such an amazing strategy is how versatile it is and the fact that if one market stops working for a time, there are countless other markets to use the strategy on.  Add to that the millions of traders who will never even find their way to the Trend Jumper and I think you can begin to feel confident that you probably don’t need to worry too much about that stuff.  That’s my feelings on the subject, anyway.
Hope that helps.
In the meantime, this trader, me, will continue to trade the Trend Jumper with confidence.  And with results like these, I’m not going to over think it.  You saw what we did over the past few weeks.  You Monday’s trades.  Check out yesterday’s and today’s.  Any trader, trading any of these tradeplans should continue to experience these kind of gains on a regular basis.  Nothing is perfect and we do have losing sessions from time to time, but they are the rarity.  The winners are the norm.  Over saturation is the furthest thing from my mind.

Tuesday, Feb 25th:

  • DAX; + 17 points and new record profit levels
  • YM; + 21 points
  • CL; + 37
  • HO; + 83 ticks
  • TF; + 4 points
  • Soybean Futures; + 2.25 points, one and done
  • ES; Break even
  • EURJPY; + 74 pips
  • NQ; + 4.75 points


Wed, Feb 26th

  • DAX; Break even
  • Heating Oil Futures; + 50 ticks
  • ES; + 8 points
  • NQ; + 2 points
  • YM; + 10 and new record profit levels
  • CL; +28
  • EURJPY; +174 pips
  • TF; + 4.6 points
  • Soybean Futures; Break even


Here’s the winning trade that put Russell eMini Traders over the top today. 


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  1. TJ it is also very humbling to me that you would post my concern on the blog and is very appreciated thank you. I wanted to encourage you and thank you again for creating not just a strategy but most importantly a set of very simple rules and trade plan if FOLLOWED. Here is the encouraging part i captured 355 points on the YM for the month of Feb. using the YM 5 min. plan trading 1 contract. Awesome!! Thanks again and God Bless!!

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