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Trading Class is in Session!

We are a mere 12 days out until our first Premier Trader University (PTU) trading class commences for the first time in over six months.  It’s still not too late to grab a seat for three days of intensive PTU training.  Sign up for one of our free instructional webinars here.

The focus will be heavily weighted towards how to best employ the powerful Trend Jumper ProPlus tool set and how to integrate it with the Trade Assist (automation).

The PTU Trading Class will cover all the necessary ingredients to successful trading in great detail, including:

  • Review of Trend Jumper Basics
  • Trend Jumper Advanced Techniques
  • Building the Strong Trader Foundation
  • Tradeplan Development
  • In-depth toolset instruction and examples
  • Trade Psychology
  • Cutting Edge Backtesting Techniques
  • PTU Trade Strategy (an effective strategy other than, and in addition to, the Trend Jumper)
  • New Tradeplans for futures, forex and stocks/options
  • Lifetime VIP Access to the PTU Trend Jumper Owner’s Club (Includes live traderoom)
  • Lifetime License Ownership of both the Trend Jumper Pro Plus and the PTU Trade Strategies
  • So much more that can’t possibly be covered in a blog post including (Full Reversal Trader Integration, Advanced Trailing Stop Tools and Techniques, Money Management Techniques, Real Time Trade Tracking, Real Time Dynamic Market ‘Tuning,’ etc.)

The Trend Jumper ProPlus Tool Set is packed with powerful tools for identifying trades that take advantage of the best price movement.  It works on many timeframes and many different markets; futures, forex, stocks/ETFs/options.  Whether you like to daytrade, swingtrade or trade for longer term positions, the Trend Jumper Pro Plus offers a wide array of powerful and profitable trade setups.

The Trend Jumper has over two years of success and in fact, we are using many of the exact same tradeplans that were first released with the original Trend Jumper.  Since then, we have learned so much.  We are developing new cutting edge tradeplans that don’t even look like the original Trend Jumper.

Take a look at today’s trade in Crude Oil using one of the new Pro Plus Tradeplans that will be taught in the upcoming PTU Trading Class



Check out the trade that put the Russell eMini into the positive today.

This example is one of our original tradeplans integrated with the Trade Assist (automation).  As you can see, it is still in progress.  This trade will end up on our Russell eMini Running Results Page.  This and so much more will be thoroughly taught in the upcoming PTU Trading Class, this October.



If you would like to learn more about the Premier Trader University and this season’s upcoming Trading Class, come to one of our scheduled free webinars.  Register here




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