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Trading Crude Oil Futures with the Trend Jumper; Different Approaches Demo’d Live

It was another very profitable session for Crude Oil Futures traders this morning.  Below is a video where I demonstrate how I use the Trend Jumper Pro to trade not only Renko charts, but also, other Trend Jumper styles, simultaneously using two different trade platforms. 

The Trend Jumper as designed, with its easy structure displayed right on the chart, makes it fairly easy to ‘power trade’ the same product (Crude Oil Futures) with two different strategies at the same time.  Diversification comes in many forms and one less often thought about is the diversification of different trade methods with the same instrument.

Other profitable Trend Jumper Futures Daytrades this morning, on the heels of the Non Farm Payroll Report include:

  • Heating Oil Futures, + 149 ticks; $625
  • Russell eMini Futures, + 1.2 (partial winner); up + 22 Points for the week, winning 7 out of 8 trades!
  • S & P eMini Futures (ES); + 1.75 points; up + 22.75 points for the week, winning 6 out of 8 trades
  • Crude Oil Futures, + .58, $580; up + 1.75 for the week, $1750 (utilized the new and innovative ‘measuring stick’ trade)
  • Dow eMini Futures, + 34 points; up + 89 points for the week
  • Soybean Futures; +17.75 Points
  • EURJPY Forex; + 38 pips


See Today’s Soybean Futures Trade, up + 17.75 points for $887.50



See Today’s Crude Oil Futures “Power Trading” Utilizing Two Trend Jumper Pro Strategies, Renko and the Custom Approach as Taught in the Last Advanced Bootcamp.



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