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Trading Success with the Trend Jumper

012116_YMtjTrading success is obtainable when trading winning tradeplans like this Dow eMini plan. Check out the trade that put us on top during this morning’s session.

Trading success with the Trend Jumper comes to those who follow the training! It’s always a great feeling when we receive emails like this one.  This came completely unsolicited and it is such a common story that I thought I would publish it here for everyone.  Nothing has been edited or changed.

Good morning,

I have been Futures trading approximately six years now and have tried many proprietary indicators and trading rooms (too many to name and a ton of lost trading capital). My story with Premier Trader University started years ago with Troy Noonan with an indicator set called NetPicks. I was in the trade room for several weeks and was very impressed with the results on a SIM account (we were trading the NQ) when I told Troy I was “going live.” He expressed to me he believed I was not ready yet and to please give my learning more time. Bullheaded as I am/was, I went live without guidance from Troy. Well, I proceeded to lose a bit of capital, became discouraged and went on my merry way, looking for the next Grail.

I took a break from trading, wondering if this would ever be for me; yet always came back to it, trading SIM mostly, and going live when I had the will. I made a bit of money yet at best I was a breakeven trader. Several months ago I received an offer for a free software called Trend Jumper. It was similar to the NetPicks signals and at first I discounted it; yet remembered being impressed on SIM, then becoming discouraged when live.

Since I had been impressed before, I gave the free version a shot yet with skepticism. Well, I was completely blown away! The signals were clear, spot on for an overwhelming percentage of trades. I went live and the rest is history. I purchased the full version and am doing extremely well. I have very few losing days and very few losing trades for that matter! In fact, most of my losses are due to ME not the Trend Jumper. I go back and analyze my trading and typically my losses were when I took random trades without signals. My fault. Traders need to look within themselves because, I could have blamed losses on Trend Jumper instead of the man in the mirror.

So in closing, Trend Jumper is the “REAL DEAL”. I am convinced Troy and Mark really do care about our success or they would not have lasted this long. Kudos to them and their company. My goal is to make trading my full time job and as long as continue to get results like I have been with Trend Jumper, following the rules, it is definitely on the horizon! I am now making more money in a week than I am making at my “day job”. If you cannot make an income with Trend Jumper and Troy and Mark; then you need to look in the mirror because they are not the problem.


Marco Majka, Illinois

We’re extremely happy for Marco.  Trading success with the Trend Jumper is NOT that far off to the new trader.  Today’s session reaffirms what Marco is talking about.  We quickly won across all the markets we train on live, in the traderoom:

  • Crude Oil Futures were one and done.  Then later when we traded the Inventory Report as a separate session, it was one and done again.  ‘One and done’ meaning that we hit our full target and quitting goals with just one trade.
  • Russell eMini was 2 and done.
  • Dow eMini was 4 and done.
  • EURJPY was one and done.
  • Even markets we don’t typically trade in the traderoom were one and done, like ES.

It’s great to see the Trend Jumper doing today what it has been doing since the day it was launched, nearly 4 years ago.  You too can find trading success.  It’s just a matter of learning the strategy, following the training like a business, and not letting the person in the mirror knock you off course.

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