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Trading the Crude Oil Inventory Report with the Trend Jumper

Like shooting fish in a barrel, trading the Crude Oil Inventory Report continues to be a very effective trade strategy and plan with the Trend Jumper.  If you’ve been following along over the years, you’d know that we really like a 377 tick chart for our Crude Oil Futures trades.  We use that chart each and every morning.  The Crude Oil Inventory Report is a unique opportunity that happens once each and every week, usually on Wednesdays but sometimes on Thursdays when there is a shortened trading week due to a holiday, for example.  We can treat the release of the report as an additional trade session for crude oil.  Moreover, not only can we treat the Inventory Report as a 6th session of the week, but we can specialize in it and really turn our trading into something that only requires a short amount of time each week.

We’ve already learned time and time again that less is more in trading.  We don’t need to trade more to make more.  We trade less and as we grow our accounts we just increase our position size accordingly, sticking to a smart and safe ‘risk to capital’ ratio.  If you really want to go with the less is more idea, focus on just trading the Crude Inventory Report each week and patiently grow your account.

One idea you could try is to take advantage of the additional volatility that happens after the release by slowing your chart down.  I really like the 610 tick chart.  This is a chart that works well with Crude Oil, especially when there is additional volatility in the market.  Be careful though because while it is less ‘noisy’ than a 377 tick chart, the trades are often larger so make sure you are adequately capitalized.  That being said, you can get some very clean trades after the report is released.

Check out Today’s 610 tick trade that was a full winner and ended this ‘special session’ one and done, fitting perfectly into our ‘less is more’ philosophy.  There were more winning trades to be had, for sure.  And this particular trade wasn’t so large afterall.  What makes it such a great trade in my opinion was how efficient it was, netting + .20 in less than one minute; $200 per contract.  There’s nothing better answering the question “what do you do for a living,” with the response, “I work about 1 minute per week trading the Crude Oil Inventory Report.”

Imagine growning your account to where you can place a 10 contract trade!  Now imagine having a collection of ‘one and done’ plans that you can apply to your trading each and every week.  You can!  With the Trend Jumper!!

Check out Today’s One and Done Crude Oil Inventory Report Trade Session using a 610 tick chart.  This had us in and out of the market in less than a minute!  Our favorite type of trade!!




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