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Trading the EuroBund with PTU Trend Jumper; 82% winners in January so far..

This is a video that would normally be reserved for the private owner’s clubs for the Trend Jumper and PTU Membership. Every now and then we’ll post this for the public in case they may want to come join us. This video discusses an often overlooked market that has great volume and is very profitable. TJ walks through this month’s trades in great detail and for those who want to get a good look at the Trend Jumper, here’s your chance. Also, those on the other side of the world will get a good look at a market that is pretty easy to daytrade if following our signature ‘power of quitting’ goal setting technique. Check it out!


  1. what happen to the video? there is no video! TJ very good trader I like to see what he doing in the trade room.

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