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Trend Jumper 2016 — Consistent Winning Trades and Tradeplans

I wanted to write about today’s live traderoom experience because so many ‘would-be’ successful traders are missing the action, since our traderoom is a private space for Trend Jumper Members only.  We’ve been trading the same tradeplans in there for years.  Check in on any random day and chances are the session will have ended up like it did today; winners across the board.

We daytrade futures and forex.  We trade the same charts, the same way, following the same rules, the same plan, every day.  If you think about it, there’s a lot of sense in this approach.  You only have to learn it once, practice it well, and then begin trading the same exact way.  The tradeplans continue to work.  Of course there are going to be losing trades and sometimes we’ll even have a losing session.  That’s trading!  We protect ourselves with smart tradeplans, risk and money management and a professional, businesslike mindset.

Crude Oil, the very same tradeplan we started the Trend Jumper with back in 2012, made fast work of the markets today, getting in, and hitting its target and tradeplan objective quickly and efficiently, one and done.  Even though market conditions are dramatically different compared to 2012 (just think of how much it costs to fill your car with gas these days compared to a few years ago), the Trend Jumper is able to adjust to market conditions, trade after trade, which is one of the secrets to its long running success.

See Today’s Crude Oil trade with one of our long running tradeplans, finishing one and done in less than 3 minutes, for a nifty +.13 move, $130 per contract, and a perfectly ‘tuned’ target



Our other futures daytrade markets and tradeplans were also positive today but I wanted to show you one of our favorite forex tradeplans that was also one and done today, despite Fed Testimony.

Another one of our long running tradeplans gained + 53 pips and was One and Done today


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