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Trend Jumper and MT4? YES!! Energies Provide HUGE Profits Again..

Trading the Energies with Trend Jumper

In this video I’ll give you a first peak at the MT4 version of Trend Jumper Forex as well our current trades in the energies.  We just held an educational webinar on the virtues of trading the energies so I thought I would follow up with yesterday’s session.  (It was today’s session when I did the video).

Bottom line, we hit our goals on all three markets, Unleaded Gas Futures, Heating Oil and Crude Oil, and trading the energies continues to be one of the best kept secrets in the trading universe.

Unleaded was the star of the show and has been all week, but all the energies were strong.  Watch how Trend Jumper grabbed +340 ticks in just two trades.  Incidentally, it followed up today with a one and done session for + 246 ticks.

  • Unleaded Gains + 586 ticks in two sessions (just 3 trades) for $2,461!!  How’s that for keeping trade costs down?
  • Other markets profitable too.  See video for details

This video shows recent trades in our favorite energies; Unleaded, Heating Oil, Crude Oil, as well as Forex with MT4.

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