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Trend Jumper and Wheat Futures Equals High Percentage Winners!

  • Wheat Futures Gain +57.75 Points in November for $2887.50
  • Very Few Trades and an excellent ‘extra’ market to add to your everyday trade routine

Most people don’t consider trading Wheat Futures.  Just look at the volume.  In fact, compare the volume of Wheat Futures to that of the ES (S&P eMini).  I know, you’re probably laughing and saying What the F…!  How can TJ compare Wheat Futures to the ES?

It’s not so laughable actually.  Wheat Futures trade in 1/4 point ticks just like the ES and each point, or 1 cent move in Wheat is equal to one point in the ES, $50.  I’ll tell you this:  I’d much prefer trading Wheat Futures to the ES!  What’s laughable to me is that the average retail trader (you and I — well not me, but the other avg retail traders.. ) actually would consider trading the ES over Wheat Futures.

We’ve already learned how our other trade strategies continually deliver the goods with Wheat Futures.  It should be no surprise that the Trend Jumper is LOVING Wheat Futures, as well.  And so am I!!  Give it a try and I would wager that will would too.


The tradeplan is easy and reliable.  November (and the first two Dec sessions) delivered +66 points at $50 per point.  That’s $3,300 bucks!  What’s more is that it did it with very few trades per session which reduces average trade costs and allows us to use this dynamic tradeplan as an excellent source of diversification.

It starts one hour after the US Session opens at 9:30 est.  In other words, we start at 9:30 cst, CBOT exchange time.  We are often done with our signature ‘power of quitting’ goals in just one or two trades.  Often, I find myself trading Wheat after I’ve finished with Crude Futures and an eMini like the Russell or YM.  It is uncorrelated and is so steady that it helps support and smooth your overall equity curve.  Let’s face it.  You’re equity curve is where the money is made in trading over time.  You want it to continually grow!

Wheat can also hit some big homerun moves.  it does so with the excellent win:loss ratio that comes with every Trend Jumper trade.  And with a 79.5% winning percentage in November (and Dec so far) and a fat Profit Factor of 3.16, that’s a market I’m going to want to be involved with EVERY DAY!!  Trend Jumper gives you the setups that ring the register on most markets and if you’re looking to ADD something to your everyday daytrade routine, you should put Wheat Futures with Trend Jumper on your immediate HOT list for immediate PROFITS.

We are already up +7.25 points in December with a quick and straight forward two winning sessions in just three trades — total!  That’s over $350 after trade costs for only 90 miutes of trading over two sessions .  I’m going to laugh my way to the bank while others bang their heads and struggle with the mighty and mightily flawed ES.

As far as I’m concerned they’re just bars on a chart.  Buyers, Sellers and excellent trade opportunities with Trend Jumper.  Do I care that the symbol is a W?  Trend Jumper and Wheat Futures equals high percentage winners and that puts ME (could be you, too) in a better position than 90% of all traders out there.


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