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Trend Jumper = Fast Work in the Markets. 2 trades, 2 winners, + 5.7 points, $570.00

This morning Trend Jumper traders made fast work of the markets, picking up nice gains on many of our favorite daytrade markets.  Here’s a brief recap using the standard 2 position approach:
  • Russell eMini with our Poq 2; 2 trades, 2 winners, + 5.7 points, $570
  • Crude Oil Futures with Poq 2; choppy session BUT can’t complain as Trend Jumper scored a net result of 18 ticks. 
 I like to use poq 1 (power of quitting 1 winner and a positive result – which I’ll teach you more about in the upcoming week) with the other markets like YM, NQ and ES because it allows me to trade profitably in a steady and reliable way and its easier to follow multiple markets. Check these results out:
  • YM 377 grabbed +57 points, 1 trade; $285
  • ES 2000 + 10 Points, 1 Trade; $500

This was from this morning’s trading! Imagine if you were only trading just one of the markets above… a regular ‘day job’ would have to pay you $60-$65 an hour for 8 hours straight to make up ONE day of our Russell eMini or ES results. Nevermind the fact that $65 an hour is pretty darn high for this economy… you just spent FAR FEWER manhours getting the same net result.

Now to me, I’d rather be sitting in the comfort of my own home, my family down the hall, enjoying a comfortable lifestyle trading the markets.

Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I’ve been getting your email with comments on the market condition pretty often. Although, I don’t know your trades, you seem to be accurate. I definitely plan to be a member once I get ready.

    • Hey Al, thanks for the kind words. We all put alot of thought into our analysis so I’m glad to hear it’s helping you out. The key is to gather as much info as possible and practice, practice, practice. Don’t rush it… don’t spend money you can’t afford to lose (words I recommend to even my most well-capitalized clients). Don’t worry, we’ll be here when you want to start.

  2. Hi Mark,
    I agree that is awesome. Problem being what if you don’t make $500? What if you don’t make any thing for a week or more then what? That is why I don’t believe.
    What if?
    What are the probablities of being consistent?

    • “What if?” is a great question and a true reality when trading. No one can predict the markets (I *wish* I were that good). The best thing you can do is put the odds in your favor with a reliable system that YOU’VE backtested. Not even my own words and proof could prove it to you when you’re trading your own money. I highly encourage all of my traders to put the system through its paces even before you’ve dealt with live funds. Once you see that it works – you won’t get so hung up on the fact that you’re down this week. If you trust your system (after proving it out), you’ll know that you’re going to be profitable more often than not… and that’s where we make our money. Thanks for the comment, Diane!

  3. When does this release to the public and how much is it going to cost?

    • Hey Ben, PTU Trend Jumper will be released on Monday, November 12th! Make sure you keep an eye out on your inbox (or keep checking back on this blog) for more details (including what you get, a system demo, and the price). Thanks.

      • Will it be available for ninja trader and when we buy it can we get the indicators and materil electronically or do we have to wait for it to come in the

        Also, is 3k per contract a large enough trading account and lastly, how is this different from the SST system?

  4. Hey mark I have been signed up to your email list for a long time now I always check back to see what u guys are up to . I am def interested in seeing this new system you guys put together . I will be on the lookout and am well capitalized to be able to do this full time . So I am ready to see what you offer . Thanks a lot. Just curious about price .

    • JP, love to hear from a long-time reader and it’s awesome you’re excited about Trend Jumper. I think you’re going to like what you see, especially for someone who wants to this full time. Some great action but nothing overwhelming. Price will be revealed on the 12th and in NetPicks style, we’re not asking for an arm and a leg (or even an arm!). Keep an eye out – talk soon. Thanks.

  5. Did someone there at Netpicks actually place these trades on a live account and make that money? Just curious because it’s not always easy to risk real capital.

  6. I have purchased a good number of NP products which I am always encouraged to practice trade sometimes for a # of mos. ( I ‘ve been wiped out s good # of times ) Now it seems that for the past few yrs. before I get a product up and running and back and foreward tested there is a newnew product out making the previouslly puechased one relatively obsolete And the sucker that I am I buy the new one and start the cycle all over again so I’m dirt poor buying systems and not certain what may work in real time —- but I suppose I’ll buy Trend Jumper anyway beacuse the NP boys are master salesmen

    • Hey Levi, thanks for kickin in your feedback (means ALOT coming from a long time customer). Though we always strive to improve everything we do (ease of rules, simpler indicators, higher win rate), just because new systems are released, it doesn’t render any previous system obsolete. Heck, we have tons of users still trading our original Universal Market Trader that came out several years ago! Alot of other companies will churn and burn their ‘products’ – seems like every 4-6 months there’s a new shiny object. Before PTU Trend Jumper, our last system was the Seven Summits Trader and we gave it a public release of over 2 years! We still support it completely and know we’ll have traders who consider the SST the last system they’ll ever need. That being said, don’t feel like you have to ‘keep up’ – if what you’re using now is working for you, by all means, keep doing it! If you need some extra support, just say the word – definitely want to get you squared away. Thanks.

  7. What markets is this system optimized to trade in?

    • Trend Jumper works on most markets and timeframes. I personally like tick and momentum bars along with daily charts. Hopefully you can see by the examples so far, that I haven’t changed anything on any of the charts I’m showing. Surely there are different trade management techniques to employ on different markets but I’ve been using the same on all just to show how resilient and versatile the strategy is.

  8. Mark,I appreciate you intelligence and sincere heart to help people out of the this hard times.
    I have been following your prospects keep it up.
    I will love netpicks to trade how do I go about it ?

    • Thank you David, for your kind words and big vote of confidence. We are all sincere at helping our members succeed. We don’t currently trade for others. What we do though, is teach and mentor our members so that they can be independent traders and thus enjoy the amazing lifestyle that goes along with being a successful trader.

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