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Trend Jumper Finishes the Week Strong with Futures Daytrading

Trend Jumper made fast work of the markets today with Power of Quitting 1, on most of the markets we like to trade.  It was able to quit quickly with one and done on numerous charts today for modest gains and a strong finish to the week.  Each one of these markets were undefeated each session this week, despite the US Presidential Election.  What was impressive to me was how well it handled a very choppy market.  There were winners to be had but it did require smart rules which had us standing down for the Consumer Sentiment Report that came out at 9:55 est as one example.

Today’s One and Done Winners:

  • Dow eMini (YM); + 26 points for $130
  • S & P eMini (ES); + 1.25 points for $62.50
  • Nasdaq eMini (NQ); + 4 points for $80
  • Euro Bund (FGBL); + 16 ticks for + 160 Euros
  • FDAX; + 49 Points for + 1,225 Euros
  • Wheat (W); +9.25 points for $462.5
  • Russell eMini (TF); +1.2 points for $120

Other Winners needed more Trades to Finish with our Goals:

  • Heating Oil (HO); + 16 ticks for $67; 1 for 2 *See Below for a Video of Today’s LIVE Heating Oil Trades taken with the Matrix in Tradestation.
  • Unleaded Gas (RB); +224 ticks for $941; 1 for 2
  • Nat Gas (NG); + 3 ticks for $30, 1 of 2 and super slow today

Russell eMini (TF) As of this post, we did have a couple losing sessions today, as well.  The Russell eMini, like Crude today, was fraught with lots of backfilling.  As you can see above, quitting with poq 1 was the best result.  Poq 2 required trading deep into the session and by the end of the am session, the Russell was 2 for 6 and down -9.9 with two positions.  When down in the am, we can trade a pm session beginning at 12:40 with its own poq 2.  That was very helpful winning two of two and bringing us back midway.  We finished this session with -4.5 points.  The week ended up a modest +4.6 on a week with very low range in the this market and timeframe.

The 10:30 session  fared a bit better.  It too was down by -5.5 points by the end of the morning.  It was able to avoid a couple of the earlier losses that the more vigorous, early am tradeplan endured.  This one trades straight through without pausing and its results were a bit different.  -1.9 on the sessionThe week ended up + 7.1 points.

A Word on our Quitting Goals, Power of Quitting (poq):

When you trade for poq 2 (power of quitting that requires 2 wins AND a positive result prior to quitting the session) you are committing to a long and tough session, every so often.  On the flip side, we are often rewarded with quick, easy and very profitable sessions too.  Traders who don’t want to make such a strong commitment certainly can do a ‘power of quitting 1’ approach like the markets shown above, and do quite good.  That is a personal decision that every trader has to make for themselves.

You can also combine a hard stopping time with poq goals but you have to be careful that you come up with a well thought out quitting time.  I have found that Trend Jumper tends to come back strong on most sessions if you just stick with it.

Crude Oil Futures, which has been perfect all throughout October and so far in November, was very choppy this morning with a lot of backfilling.  It was a strange session with small trades and a lot of close calls that resulted in 1 tick gains.  In fact, some of those trades did hit their targets but not until backfilling took us out with 1 tickers.  It stayed very close to a reasonable result though.  After 7 trades it had only lost two trades, but was still down 7 ticks, due to the very first trade.  It was a challenging session, for sure.  Trend Jumper did an amazing job keeping us in the game.

On the 8th trade it looked like it was going to make it, but it got hung up on a swing level and then backfilled hard for a stopout.  Then it turned around and zoomed to target.  It was one of those sessions that do happen from time to time.

Crude ended the am down -.62 by the end of the am.  Taking the next three trades into the pm though, brought it back to positve +.09 ticks, corroborating what I just said above regarding poq and stopping times.

Contrarily, the pm session ended with one and done for +.39.  Trading Crude during the pm with a poq 1 approach has been a very easy tradeplan, quite often winning on the very first trade.  Done!  That happened again today, in sharp contrast to the more difficult am session.

Forex Swingtrades

I got into 5 forex swingtrades last night and I have two additional open orders:

  • NZDJPY; Short from 64.59, targeting 62.87
  • GBPJPY; Short from 126.69; targeting 124.41
  • EURUSD; Short from 1.2733; targeting 1.2458
  • USDCHF; long from .9473; targeting .9380
  • GBPUSD; short form 1.5949, targeting 1.5781
  • Open Orders
    • GBPAUD; short at 1.5294; targeting 1.5142; this is a 2nd addon to two other open short trades that are at various stages of profits with over +150 pips already locked in with the potential of a whole lot more.  I’ll be talking about this one during our Friday Hangout Session.  Make sure you get signed up for that.  Currently up + 3454 pips for the year!
    • AUDNZD; I saw this after it triggered in and it is now below the entry a tiny bit so I put my order in with a small adjustment around the current bar’s high.  We’ll see if I get filled; Long at 1.2783, targeting 1.2980.  This pair recently finished a full winning short trade for +69 pips on Halloween.  It’s currently up +1105 pips for the year.

The EURUSD is also in a live ‘primary’ trade that exited its first target already for +112 pips and is trailing that and the new addon shown above.  This could end up being a great trade to help with our overall 2012 results on this market, which has pretty much underperformed up to this point, this year.

AUDUSD just exited a nice winning long trade too for a total of + 176 pips


See Today’s LIVE Heating Oil Futures Trades using a 20 tick Momentum Range Bar

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