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Trend Jumper IS the Strategy to use to Trade Energy Futures

Trend Jumper loves the energy futures.  If you’ve been following along then you would know that for over two months, we have only experienced one losing session with crude oil futures.  Today in our live traderoom, the trend continued.  We took two live trades and won them both for a very pleasing +.86 gain, which in the world of Trend Jumper CL traders equals $860!  We did this in just 30 minutes.  Two trades — 30 minutes — $860 bucks!  That’s trader nirvana in my book.

But that’s just one page out of a very happy, ongoing story.  Here are some of the highlights.

  • This week, we have won 10 of 13 trades and we are up +1.74; $1,740 for the week already
  • Since Oct 1st, when I started tracking this particular tradeplan, we are up +17.37 points, which you probably know is $17,370!!  That is ‘fire your boss’ serious money!!
  • I am showing regularly just how easy it is to make these trades.  Members of the room saw it this morning as I traded live, today’s winners.  You can do it too!
  • Crude Oil has won 70% of all its trades since Oct.1.  Do you think you would have the confidence to place a trade knowing that 7 out of 10 times, the trade is going to be a winner?
  • Trend Jumper is winning 97.8% of its sessions with Crude Futures since Oct. 1st.  In fact, we didn’t get our first losing session until November 26th.  It’s been all winners since then, including today.
  • It has a positive weekly result for the last 10 straight weeks.

Of course, Crude Futures are not the only energy futures that can be traded with Trend Jumper.  A few other markets that are ringing the register for us in a big way are:

  • Unleaded Gas Futures
    • + 86 ticks today for $360
    • + 2,066 ticks since Nov 5th (when I created the tradeplan) for $8,677
  • Heating Oil
    • +134 ticks today for $562
    • + 1790 ticks since Nov 5th for $7,518 and a profit factor of 4.43!
  • Natural Gas
    • I am just casually following this one with a 377 tick chart.  It didn’t produce any trades until after the Inventory report this morning.  It was one and done for +80 ticks, $800!  With trades like that, I might not be so casual for much longer!!


While Trend Jumper is excellent with the energies, it is so versatile that we are finding success across many different markets and timeframes.

  • The DAX was one and done today, gaining a whoppiong +50 points!  That’s € 1,250!!
    • Up + 409 points, €10,225 since Nov 5th
  • Wheat Futures also continuing to produce in a big way
    • Today, one and done and up +3.25 points, + $162.50
    • Up 68.75 points since Nov 5th, $3,425 with a Profit Factor of 3.18 and a 80.5% winning percentage!
  • EURUSD just closed out of a homerun swingtrade that gained + 466 pips
  • EURJPY is currently in a trade that has a guaranteed + 418 pips already locked in with the potential for a whole lot more, as of today!  It’s up over +6000 pips this year!
  • CHFJPY just closed out of a trade two days ago for + 324 pips.  It’s up +4,232 pips for the year!
  • NZDJPY is currently in a trade with + 253 pips locked in.  It’s up +2048 pips this year!

Those are just a few examples to give you the broad paint stroke picture of what can be done with ONE simple to use trade strategy.  The PTU Trend Jumper.  Same strategy.  Different markets of all kinds.  Big winners in a consistent and reliable fashion.

We’re doing it.  You can too!  Currently off the market but we are accepting names for our waiting list.  Those on the list will receive a personal invitation the next time we release the Trend Jumper to the public.  We sold out fast last time.  Make sure you don’t miss out next time..

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s trade session.  Check back and I’ll let you know how we did.

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